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Hey there! Welcome to Brown Girl Makeup Musings. I'm Aditi, a Biology graduate who manages to stay sane with the help of a wonderful hubby, and playing around with makeup.

I'm pretty much a late bloomer into the world of cosmetics, and I'm slowly finding my way around, but I'm definitely enjoying the journey!

For reference:

Skin type: Oily (what I actually mean is super oily. Le sigh.)

Hair type: Fine, combination (oily at the roots, dry at the ends), brown-black in color.
Complexion: Medium (I'm NC40-42 in MAC foundations)
Eye color: Black

A couple more things:

First off: What I write reflects what I think of the product in question. My like/dislike of a product means that it doesn't work for me; my physiology is different from yours, so what may be a dud for me might end up being a holy grail for you! Think of them as recommendations, and invest in a product because you want to and not for any other reason.

Second: Unless otherwise mentioned, the products reviewed in this blog have been purchased by me. If it's a press sample, I will mention it! Products sent to me for consideration will always be reviewed honestly.

Third: It takes quite a bit of time to write up reviews. The photos you see in the blog, unless otherwise noted/labelled, belong to me. If you would like to use them, contact me first, and link them back to my blog. The same goes for any text.

I guess that's it. 
Happy browsing!

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