Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette Swatches [Original]

I'm rather hesitant to come outright and say "I'm back!" but I'm definitely dipping my toes in here. Nothing like health issues to put your life into perspective, right?

When I first started buying makeup, I tended to focus on drugstore brands. Most of what I started learning with, I've long since thrown off (if it was a terrible product) or given away (if it was something good, but not to my taste). The one brand that's stuck around, despite my, ahem, more 'particular' tastes has been Sleek.

Their eyeshadow palettes are ones I actually find myself reaching for now and again (and I'm someone who has a lot of eyeshadow. It's kind of ridiculous, really). I've been wanting to depot all my Sleek palettes into a Z-palette, so I thought I'd use the opportunity to swatch them all.

I find that their shimmery/metallic formula is very creamy, and very pigmented. This, however, has the drawback of being slightly difficult to pick up with a brush. My Real Techniques brushes (synthetic) do a better job at picking up color than my Zoeva ones. If you really want maximum payoff, though, I think using a sponge-tip applicator or your finger would be best.

The mattes are less pigmented, and the slightest bit chalky. They can be built up, but they require a little more effort in blending out than the shimmers. They also tend to be more hit-and-miss than the shimmer/metallic formulas - the pigmentation and quality of the mattes in a palette can vary, while the shimmers tend to be fairly consistent.

The Original palette has 12 shadows ranging from neutrals to some jewel tones. However, most of them are shimmery/metallic in finish, and it's not possible to use this palette alone (you'll definitely need some matte shades for transition, blending and the crease). The only matte in the palette is the black, and it's not the best matte black I have, so I don't really use it much.

I like this palette for the range of shades it has - I definitely think the shades are very brown-girl friendly. For the price, I think it's a great option for those wanting to experiment with makeup.

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