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Sephora Ombre Obsession Face Palette Review

I don't hear a lot of people talking about the Sephora brand, in general. Which is kind of a pity, because they do have some great stuff. For the holidays, they've come out with several releases. The one that was most interesting to me was this palette, of course, given that I'm obsessed (get it? 'Cause it's in the name...) with blushes.

I stumbled across this palette entirely by accident. I'd gone to my local Sephora to swatch the Urban Decay blushes (having side-eyed them for the longest time ever) and of course ended up roaming around, when I saw this. Swatching it in-store impressed me enough to make me pick this up.

First, let's talk packaging. This palette is huge. I think it could rival the moon! Only joking, but yes, it is quite big. Almost the size of my face, as a matter of fact. This is a good and a bad thing - it's good because you know you're getting quite a bit of product inside. It's not so good because, well, it's not exactly compact, and travelling with it might be a bit tricky. And it'll take up a bit of space when you store it.

The packaging is made of plastic, but it feels quite sturdy and substantial when you hold it. It's quite thin, which I kind of wasn't expecting, given how large it is in diameter. I'm not complaining though, it's overall quite compact, and there isn't any unnecessarily bulky packaging.

The inside of the packing houses a good-sized mirror. The mirror surprised me, because I rather expected it to be about the same size as the packaging, but it is quite smaller. It's still useable though - I can see my face quite easily when I use it.

The inside houses eight blushes, two of which are ombre in nature, and a highlighter. I was surprised that only two of the blushes are ombre in nature, given the name of the product. On the whole, though, you do get a wide range of blush colors, and I can see this working for a wide range of skin tones.

Unfortunately, none of the blushes (or the highlighter for that matter) have been given names, so I've gone ahead and numbered them for the purposes of the review. As you can tell from the picture above, half of them are pink-ish in nature, while the other half appear more peach/bronze-y.

Talking about the first four blushes - the pink-ish ones - there are four of them, all in different shades and undertones.

1 - is a satin warm-toned rose-y mauve shade with brown undertones. It's a shade that will look lovely  on warm skin tones, especially those with more tan complexions. This was smooth, soft and silky in texture, and I had no issues with picking up the color on a brush.

2 - is an ombre of mauve-purple and lavender tones. When swatched together it resulted in a cool-toned, shimmery lavender pink. It's quite a unique shade, and on my warm skin tone I had to coddle it a little bit to work for me (not too much of a challenge, though). I like to pair this with a neutral bronzer - the resulting look is very nice. It had a lovely texture and I was able to pick up the color on a brush with no effort.

3 - is a satin warm-toned medium pink. At first, I had some issues with this because my brush wasn't able to pick up the color from the pan so easily. However after a few swipes, the texture became soft, and silky - it was almost as if you had to 'break' through the surface, if that makes sense. Once you do that however, it becomes infinitely easier to pick up color - almost too much, because it's quite pigmented. This is a blush that's easy to pair with most looks, especially for those of us with richer skin tones.

4 - is an ombre of bright to light pink. When swatched together it resulted in a shimmery, warm-toned, cotton-candy pink color. It had good pigmentation and texture, but the lightest shade I found was a little less pigmented than the other two. (The lightest shade is also the one that provides the shimmery finish). The overall finish is not glittery insomuch as glowy, which is good news for those of us with pores.

Here's a closer look at the ombre blushes. First up is shade number 2, which was the first of the two ombre blushes in the palette:

As you can tell from the swatches the deepest shade is matte, the medium shade is satin and the lightest shade is shimmery. The resulting finish is quite glowy, there's no obvious shimmer. This is good because it doesn't emphasize pores or uneven texture much.

Next we have shade number 4, which is the second (and last) of the ombre blushes in the palette:

Here the deepest and medium shades are both satin in finish, while the lightest shade has a shimmery finish. Similar to the first ombre blush, this too gave an overall glow-y finish.

Because the pan size is quite big, if you use a smaller blush brush, it's possible to customize the color from these ombre blushes even more. It's difficult to pick up each individual shade (unless you use an eyeshadow brush or something similar) but it's not so difficult to focus on two of the shades at any one time. So you could have a deeper color by focusing on the medium and deep shades, or a lighter color by focusing on the medium and light shades. This effectively allows you to create three blush shades from a single ombre blush pan!

Now moving on to the peach/bronze side - again, there are four of them, all being different shades but they're all warm-toned.

5 - is a matte, warm toned light peach brown with pink undertones. I expected it to be a little light for me based on swatches, but it seems to kind of oxidize on my skin after application and appears a little bit darker. I also like pairing this with a bronzer. It had good texture and pigmentation (however I had to build it up a few times to get it to show up on my, only because it's on the lighter side, and not because of pigmentation).

6 - is a satin, warm-toned peach-apricot. This is one of my favorite shades from the palette, because it's so perfect on my warm-toned brown skin as an everyday blush. It works with a lot of looks, and is great on its own or paired with other bronzers/blushes. I like to pair this with blush 5, the resulting finish subtly brightens up my face (which is great for natural makeup looks).

7 - is a shimmery, warm-toned light peachy bronze. This was the only shade I had some difficulties with - it is pigmented, but I had a hard time picking up color on my brush because of how hard the press/texture is. I thought trying the trick of scraping off the surface would work, but it didn't do much. I had to resort to using a much stiffer/denser brush. The color however, is one of my favorites - it's natural, subtle and glowy, which is what I'd like from a fuss-free blush. I had to work a little harder to blend it in but really, I don't mind since I really like the color and the finish.

8 - is a satin, warm-toned terracotta bronze with orange undertones. I'm not sure this qualifies as a blush, I'd classify it as more of a bronzer. Orange undertones in a bronzer might not suit a lot of people but I personally like how they look on me. The texture and pigmentation of this is wonderful - as a matter of fact I have to be careful because it's so soft and smooth I end up picking up too much on my brush sometimes!

The highlighter appears a beige-champagne in the pan, but upon swatching it appeared more of a off-white with pink undertones. It's quite shimmery (almost frosty, really) and really gives you a glow, but it's not my favorite kind of highlighter - it's a tad too cool toned for my liking. Still, I don't have anything like it in my collection so I guess it isn't a bad thing on the whole. If you're not careful with this, and you have large pores/struggle with uneven skin texture, this could emphasize them. If you apply a little and really buff it out, it's very pretty. This is very pigmented, and the texture is really soft and smooth, so getting it onto a brush is no problem at all.

Value-wise, I definitely think this is a total win. I mentioned how much I mentioned how much I enjoyed the Tarte blush palette, but since that's sold out I really think this is a great alternative. Plus, you get so much more in terms of shades (not to mention a highlighter and a bronzer shade). You're not missing out on anything in terms of pigmentation or quality. They last a good four hours on me (which is usually how long most blushes stay on my skin) so I'm pleased about that. I like that it has some unique shades. If you have medium to tan skin, I think this will work really well for you. Deeper skins might not be able to use all the shades, while paler skin tones will have to be really careful during application.

All in all, I think this would make a wonderful gift, whether to someone else or to yourself! If you're looking for a way to add more blushes, or want a palette that will allow you more blush options during travel, I think you should really check this one out.

BGMM Rating: A-

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  1. I think the Sephora range has some great products, but I agree, they don't seem to get much love on blogs.

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