Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows Review: Part 2

Continuing from the previous post, I've got a few more of the NYX Prismatic eyeshadows. I spoke about these quite a bit in the last post, so today I'm going to jump right into the review!

They come in plastic black pot, with the top part (that opens up) being silver. The little bow detail where the lid opens is so cute! The packaging is, as you'd expect, rather cheap. I'd try to keep these as safe as possible because the shadows are delicate, and will shatter on impact.

I have to state this again: you cannot depot these shadows as there is no pan. If you try to, you will damage the product. You can get these in pan form from the NYX website.

I have some a few non-neutral shades this time round, but also shades that can be potentially wearable (see the theme here?).

The shades I have here are:

Mermaid - this is a shimmery warm-toned mint with a subtle gold sheen. This was the letdown in the lot, but that's only because the rest of them are so nice. This one, by comparison, was a little stiffer and drier in texture, It was also a little bit more powdery. The pigmentation was great, but because of the drier texture it was more prone to blending away. It's easy to build up the pigmentation to a really opaque finish, but again, be careful or you could end up over-blending it. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful shade.

Fireball - this is a shimmery, warm-toned reddish-orange copper. This was an exceptional shade (similar to the other neutral shades in this line). It's so pigmented, so easy to blend out, and the texture is soft and smooth. It's definitely an interesting shade - I've enjoyed using it in the crease a lot to warm up eye looks - but if you pair this with a deep brown or black in the crease/outer V, you end up with a really interesting smoky eye.

Jaded - this is a shimmery, deep forest green with what seems to be a black base. It's another highly pigmented shade, super easy to blend out, and the texture of this is similar to Fireball. The more you blend it out, the more the black base comes through, and if you pack on the shade, the green is prominent. If you enjoy smokey eyes, I'd like to direct you to this shade - it makes a nice twist to a traditional black smokey eye.

These shadows definitely do not lack in pigmentation. Even Mermaid, which I mentioned was a bit of a miss in terms of texture, is still pigmented. Fireball and Jaded are really the standouts in this set, though. The texture is silky and soft, and it applies so smoothly. Blending is no issue at all.

Over primer, I have no issues with these fading. They easily last eight hours without any trouble at all..

Here's a look I did with these three shadows:

I have to say, I'm really impressed with these shadows. I did not expect them to perform as well as they did! They're all easy to use, and you can really have them pack a punch by packing them on, or having a softer look by blending them out.

If I had to pick a shade from here, it'd be a tie between Jaded and Fireball, depending on what kind of shade you like to work with. That being said, if you've been looking for a mint shadow that's really opaque (without a white base, mind you!) Mermaid is right up your alley.

BGMM Rating: Mermaid - B+
                      Fireball - A+
                      Jaded - A


  1. Fireball seems to be lovely. I like wearing reds, with a lot of black liner to separate it from my eyes.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Fireball is definitely one of my favorites :)