Monday, November 30, 2015

NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows Review: Part I

NYX is one of those drugstore brands that I feel is constantly coming up with new products. I feel like they come out with a lot of lip products, and I've tried quite a few of their lip products (and really liked some of the lipsticks) but I haven't tried any of their eye shadows yet. It's just that having been exposed to shadows from several brands, I tend to look for certain things in my shadows - and till date NYX hasn't really interested me in any of their shadows.

Their new(ish, since I'm sure these have been out for a few months now) eyeshadows totally caught my eye. Shimmery, almost metallic, shadows? Yes please. I'm kind of a sucker for shimmers. Some of the shades totally caught my fancy and I picked up a few to try out.

They come housed in a black plastic pot, with a silver top that's transparent so you can see the shade inside. The shade name is also printed on the bottom. The packaging isn't really something special, but it's worth noting that you shouldn't drop these - the product inside is quite delicate. The pots have a cute bow detail at the front, where you open the shadow. I think that's the nicest part of the packaging.

I need to point out that these cannot be depotted - if you try to, you will damage the shadow! You can get the shadows in pan form from the NYX website if you want to create your own palette.

Most of the shades I picked out are neutrals and wearable shades, since they are the ones I'll get the most use out of.

The shades I have are:

Girl Talk - this is a shimmery beige-champagne with a pinky-peachy undertone. It's a gorgeous shade - this photo doesn't do it justice - and it's almost like a duochrome. It makes a wonderful inner corner highlight, and I like using it as a cheek highlight as well - the undertones to it makes it something that will look good on everyone.

Golden Peach - this is a shimmery warm-toned pinky-peach with a golden sheen. This shade is stunning. It's a beautiful shade to wear all over the lid, and it really brightens up my eyes. I love wearing it all by itself, but it's also beautiful when you pair it with other shades.

Bedroom Eyes - this is a shimmery, warm-toned bronzey brown. This shade is another winner! It's one of those shades I can slap all over my eyes, blend out, and look like I spent twenty minutes getting ready. It's a shade that's pretty easily duped, I suppose, but this shimmery one is really something. If you're tan skinned or darker, I cannot recommend this shade enough - it's really, really beautiful.

Punk Heart - this is a shimmery, plummish-purple with a deep brown base and reddish undertones. If you pack this shade on, it looks more purple, blending it out makes the brown base come out a little more. It's a lovely shade to smoke out looks with, and makes for a pretty unique smokey eye.

All of these shadows are soft and smooth to the touch. They're kind of feel like a cream shadow because they are quite 'dense' and feel a teensy bit wet, but in a powder format? If that makes sense. They do kick up a bit of powder when you dip a brush into the pan, but if you tap off the excess, there isn't any fallout. They apply like a breeze and blend out very easily.

Over primer, these last a good 8 hours on me with minimal fading. Between texture, pigmentation and ease of application, I'd say these could easily compete with more expensive shadows.

Here's a look I did using all of these shadows:

I'd say these shadows are totally worth a try! I love how they feel, I like how they apply and blend out. I love how they are easy to work with! If I had to recommend two shades (which is hard, okay?) I'd suggest Golden Peach and Bedroom Eyes. They're the kind of shades that will work on everyone and can be used for single-shadow looks or more elaborate looks.

BGMM Rating: Girl Talk - A
                      Golden Peach - A+
                      Bedroom Eyes - A+
                      Punk Heart - A-


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    1. I know, that name, what were they thinking hahaha.

      It's become on of my no-brainer shadow shades, really. Swipe it on, and you're done!

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    1. I think you'll be pleased with the, if you choose to try them :)