Monday, November 23, 2015

Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette Review

Hello and welcome to one of this years hottest, most-anticipated releases! That's right, today we're talking about the Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette, the successor to last year's equally hot Lorac Mega Pro.

Everyone who's had the tiniest bit of exposure to the makeup world has heard of Lorac, and more specifically, their famous Pro palettes. These palettes have some of the most pigmented, soft and silky shadows I've had the pleasure of using. The nicest thing about the Pro palettes is the equal number of matte and shimmer shades they have, which makes them incredibly versatile.

The Mega Pro 2 palette takes the Pro palette to the next level - it houses 16 matte shades and 16 shimmer shades, double of what you get in the regular Pro palette. How awesome is that?

The palette is made of a blue cardboard, and has a sort of rubberized finish. It's quite sturdy, but given the softness of the shadows inside I would be careful when travelling with it - and yeah, I don't recommend dropping it :)

The inside houses 32 shadows, the top two rows having mattes, and the bottom two rows having shimmery shades. There's a good sized mirror as well, which is much appreciated because it comes in so handy. I also like the fact that it doesn't have any brushes/applicators, which allows for the package to be very compact and streamlined.

There are a variety of shades, and a mix of cool tones and warm tones. This allows for a myriad of shadow combinations. One thing that's definitely noticeable about the palette is the number of light shades; the first column has shades that are definitely very, very similar to each other.

Let's talk more about the shadows - the best way to do this is to talk about the mattes and the shimmers separately.

The mattes (Row 1 and Row 2)

Row 1

Porcelain is a matte white.
Custard is a matte light yellow. It rather reminds me of the infamous 'Banana powder' that some people use to set their under eye concealer.
Tawny is a mtte orange-toned might-medium brown. This is a great shade for blending out colors in the crease, to allow for a smooth transition.
Burlap is a matte warm medium brown.
Melon is a matte peachy apricot shade.
Tangerine is a matte orange. It looks a little bit rust-y.
Saddle is matte warm-toned deep brown. It's a great shade for the outer V, especially to deepen looks. It also makes a great liner shade.
Forest is a matte deep, dark green. Like Saddle, it's a great shade for the outer V and also makes a nice liner shade.

Row 2

Bisque is a matte cream shade.
Lavender is a matte, well uh... lavender shade.
Purple is a matte deep purple. I like using this as an outer V shade, and it's a nice shade to use as a liner.
Sorbet is a matte, warm-toned light dusky rose. This is a really pretty shade as a lid color, but is also useful in blending out pink-toned shades
Goji is a matte, warm-toned reddish plum. This is a lovely crease shade! It also makes an interesting smoky eye.
Cabernet is a matte, warm-toned plum-burgundy. This makes for a great outer V shade, and is also great as a liner.
Ash is a matte grey with purple undertones. Definitely one of the most interesting shades I've come across.
Black is a matte black.

The shimmers (Row 3 and Row 4)

Row 3

Sugar is a shimmery light, warm-toned beige. It makes a lovely inner corner and browbone highlight since it's a little subtle.
Chiffon is a shimmery, light baby pink.
Prosecco is a shimmery, almost metallic, champagne. This is such a gorgeous shade! It makes a great highlighter (and I've even used it on my cheekbones, it's so lovely).
Soft Plum is a shimmery light mauve. It's a unique shade, and one of my favorites in the palette - it's just a very feminine shade.
Cinnamon is a shimmery, almost metallic warm-toned medium bronze-y brown. It's a good shade to use for a one-shadow look!
Sandstone  is a shimmery, almost metallic neutral mid-tone taupe. It's actually a taupe that works on me and makes a great one-shadow look.
Gunmetal is a shimmery, almost metallic medium gray with blue undertones. It's so lovely as a liner shade.
Blue Quartz is a shimmery cobalt blue. This is a great pop of color.

Row 4

Moonlight is a shimmery light cream-yellow. This makes a great highlight shade.
Seashell is a shimmery off-white. I think this shade, Sugar, Moonlight and Prosecco are rather similar. This makes a very lovely highlight shade
Peony is a shimmery, almost metallic light peachy-pink. This reminds me of theBalm's Cindy Lou Manizer. A sheer wash of this shade on the lid really brightens up my eyes, and it also makes a great highlighter.
Dark Sienna is a shimmery, warm-toned deep chocolate bronze-y brown. Such a great shade for a smoky eye, and a wonderful liner shade.
Penny is a shimmery, almost metallic warm-toned golden bronze shade. It's a gorgeous shade, especially for one-shadow looks.
Olivine is a shimmery, almost metallic light olive with gold undertones. It's quite a unique shade, and looks lovely on the lid.
Gold Leaf is a shimmery, yellow-toned gold.
Black Ivy is a satin deep blackened green, with green microglitter in it. The microglitter doesn't translate well onto the lid, so it's mostly a satin shade.

The mattes are all smooth and soft, and very pigmented. They do kick up some powder when you dip a brush in the pan, so it's best to not use a lot of force when you're trying to pick up color. It's also a good idea to tap any excess off your brush before application to minimize fallout.

The lighter matte shades were less pigmented than the deeper shades, and needed to be built up (if you want them fully opaque). Personally, I had no issues with the pigmentation because I use them for highlighting. Even though the lighter shades might seem plentiful, I've actually not had an issue with the number of lighter shades because I've found that they make wonderful subtle cheek highlights!

The standout shades were definitely Tawny, Burlap, Melon, Tangerine, Sorbet, and Goji
These shades were really pigmented, smooth, soft and excellent all around. The most unique shades were Sorbet, Melon, Goji and Ash. The shades that I felt did not perform as well as the rest of the mattes were Lavender and Purple.

The shimmers were all smooth, pigmented and really soft. They don't kick up powder like the mattes do, but it's still a good idea to gently dip your brush in the pan, and tap any excess off your brush before you apply to the lid.

Most of the shadows performed really well. The two that didn't apply/perform as well as the rest were Chiffon and Gold Leaf. The best shades were Soft Plum, Cinnamon, Sandstone, Dark Sienna and Penny. The most unique shades were Soft Plum, Sandstone and Olivine.

Overall, I'd say these shadows are quite similar to the ones in the Pro and Pro2 palettes (the ones in the regular line). I get a solid 8 hours of wear with all these shadows with some fading in the 8th hour (when I wear them over primer, of course). You're not losing out too much in shadow quality.

Finally, the big question: is this a good palette? Do I like it? The answer to both is yes. I think this is (surprisingly) a really nice palette, and despite some slight misses, you're still getting a variety of shades. I like the fact that there are a number of transition shades (this is something that a lot of palettes tend to lack). It also has some crease and outer V shades, and some really unique shades. It's definitely possible to do a variety of looks with this palette alone. Another plus is that the palette is travel friendly - it's big, but it's not bulky. Oh, and despite the palette being more cool-toned compared to the first Mega Pro, warm-toned peeps can definitely pull it off.

If you're looking for a palette to add to your wishlist this Christmas, can I point you this way?

BGMM Rating: B+/A-


  1. No palettes for me, but I can see this being a great gift for someone who loves them.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I'm happy that Lorac managed to keep their shadow quality consistent. A lot of brands tend to have have lower quality products (as compared to their regular line) in holiday releases.

  2. The palette is too light for my liking ....I am planning to get hold of Lorac 2 palette during the black Friday sales (through my friends).

    1. This does have quite a few light shades, I agree!

  3. DAMN. I want this now... all because of you. And the First Pro. MUST STOOP WANTING.

  4. I'm shocked you went for this with half the shades being so light! I passed because I just have so many palettes already, and I destashed my first mega pro.

    1. They look light, but some of them actually make great blending shades for me. And I've been really enjoying the lighter matte shades as highlighters :D