Monday, November 2, 2015

Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind Set Review

Around the holidays, most brands come out with really cute, mini-size versions of their products - which is a good thing! These sets usually give you a chance to try out the brand without shelling out too much (plus they tend to be really cute!).

For the past few years, Bite Beauty has come out with a tin set of 4 shades in a particular line of their products. If I remember right, there was a set with four of their High Pigment lip pencils, then last year was another set of their High Pigment lip pencils, and this year they kept with the matte trend and came out with a set of four of their Matte Creme lip crayons.

I have to say that Bite Beauty makes some of the most comfortable lip products I own - not very surprising, considering they pretty much only make lip products! Another good thing about Bite is that they use food-grade ingredients in their products.

These come in a red tin box. One side has a mirror, which is pretty handy for application purposes. I also like the idea of a tin, because you can re-purpose it (I use mine to store things I might need for touching up in my purse).

The lipstick tubes annoy me because the rubberized packaging gets dirty very easily. So yes, it looks elegant and pretty, but in the long term it won't. I'm happy I took photos of this set as early as I did, because two weeks later, it's not as pretty :(

Another gripe I have about this is the fact that the tips of the bullet don't retract back all the way in. The caps are pretty hard to remove (which is also a good thing because they won't come off easily, should you decide to take them in your purse) so each time I pull off the cap, the side of the cap hits the bullet and takes off a little bit of the lipstick. Boo!

The set comes with a variety of shades, ranging from nude to dark. The shades are:

Cafe - a warm-toned, light peachy-pink nude. This is a little light for my skintone, but it works with a brown lipliner (which is something I usually do with all my nude lipsticks).
Torte - a warm-toned dusty rose with brown undertones. This shade is a great MLBB (my-lips-but-better) shade on me.
Coulis - a neutral red. It's a red shade that will work on all skintones and undertones!
Aubergine - a cool-toned berry-pink with purple undertones. It's not as dark as the name implies!

Despite being labelled as "matte" crayons, these are more of a satin finish. They really glide on smoothly, and don't tug on your lips. They're not opaque in a single swipe, but they can be built up to full opacity. For the most part, they didn't emphasize any dry patches on my lips - with the exception of Cafe, which did seem to make the dry patches a little prominent (maybe because it's a light color?).

The lighter shades had a shorter wear time - Cafe lasted about three hours, and Torte about three and a half hours - with minimal snacking and drinking. They don't leave a stain behind, but the good thing about both is that they fade evenly. Coulis and Aubergine had a longer wear time, I got four and a half hours with minimal snacking and drinking, and they both faded evenly to leave behind a stain.

The formula isn't slippery, and I don't feel like I need to use a lip liner with these. I do use a clear lip liner with Aubergine and Coulis, though (you know, just in case).

Here's how they all look on me:

These are a comfortable matte (well, semi-matte) formula for those of you who aren't fans of the matte formula. The shade selection in this set is wonderful; I think it'll work well for most skintones. I think this is one set that is well thought out, well presented and a good value - it'll make a great gift, whether to yourself or to someone else!

BGMM Rating: Cafe - B+
                      Torte - A+
                      Coulis - A
                      Aubergine - A-


  1. I am so glad they did matte crayons and did not do pomegranate.

    1. Me too! Pomegranate was done to death. Plus I like the matte crayons better than the high pigment ones :)

  2. I enjoy the holiday gift sets for trying new products, it is just so convenient to get a selection without having to spend all the money!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking