Friday, October 2, 2015

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick Fall 2015 Limited Edition Shades Review

There's something about the Wet N Wild lipsticks that I just can't quit. Well, the brand as a whole, really. They make some really good stuff, and more often than not, their limited edition collections are pretty amazing.

So when I heard about their Fall 2015 collection - Here's To The Wild Ones - umm, I fell hard. One, because the name is pretty awesome, and two, because of the lipstick shades.

What's so special about the lipsticks in this collection, you might ask? One way to put it is this, I suppose: I got 99 problems but a vampy shade of lipstick ain't one (ahem. There is clearly a reason why I'm not in the songwriting business.)

This collection has 6 lipsticks, 6 nail lacquers, and 4 eyeshadow palettes. Unfortunately, my Walgreens was out of everything else, but I was lucky enough to get the lipstick shades I had set my sights on. So, onwards!

The packaging is nothing different from their regular line, except that the black casing is rubberized, as opposed to the somewhat shiny plastic of the permanent line. The rubberized finish rather reminds me of the NARS packaging - and it also has the fails of the same (that is, it gets pretty grubby, pretty easily).

I'm not a huge fan of the packaging, to be honest - the fact that the bullet doesn't retract all the way into the tube bothers me no end, because I keep hitting the cap against the bullet. Arrgh! (I'm working on a way to transfer these bullets into a better case - I might do a post on that in the future!)

The shades I have are:

Coffee Buzz - this is a deep blackened purple-plum. It's the deepest shade in the collection, but is surprisingly wearable.
Nightcap - this is a brown-toned burgundy-marsala shade. I was very pleased with how wearable this was - I'm not usually a fan of brown shades but this looks very pretty!
Photobomb -  this is what I'd consider a maroon-oxblood with a hint of brown in it. It looks common enough, but on the lips it's really, really lovely.
Vintage Vibe - this is a deep pink-toned berry shade. It's got just enough purple in it to not make it boring. It reminds me of MAC Rebel, but a hint deeper.

All the shades are supposed to be mattes, but I find that the Megalast formula isn't really matte at all, more satin. The shades really go onto the lips very easily. A single swipe of the bullet doesn't give you full opacity, but it can be built up to full opacity in three swipes. The final finish is what I'd consider natural - it doesn't have the flatness of a matte, but neither does it have much shine to it. If you want a more matte finish, simply blot your lips and you're done!

The formula on these are a little bit better than the regular line - I find that they have a bit more slip to them. I had the most difficulty with Nightcap, the formula was a little bit more slippery than the rest, so I had to built it up a little more. I ran into the same issues with Coffee Buzz as I do with other shades similar to it - it went on a little patchy, but it can be built up evenly.

The swatches above are three swipes each. You can see how none of them are particularly patchy. They're all quite different from each other, but what they have in common is how appropriate they are for fall. I've been reaching for Nightcap and Photobomb lately, but once the weather goes down a few more degrees I'm going to be pulling out Vintage Vibe and Coffee Buzz (seriously though, I'm waiting for December to rock Coffee Buzz - it makes me feel like such a badass!)

On me they last 4 hours through mild snacking and drinking, and all four leave an even stain behind that lasts another hour. Even after a heavy meal I find there's a stain behind, but it can be patchy (depending on what you eat) and I usually like to reapply after a meal, anyway.

Here's how they all look on me:

To sum these up in a nutshell - great formula, fantastic colors, totally fall (and winter) appropriate, and you need them. For the price, they're surprising little gems!

BGMM Rating: Coffee Buzz - B+
                      Nightcap - A-
                      Photobomb - A
                      Vintage Vibe - A


  1. I've been looking for a colour like Photobomb for agesss. All of them look fab on you!

    1. All of them are really lovely! I know I'm going to be wearing all of these a lot over the next few months!

  2. Photo Bomb and Vintage Vibe are stunning!

  3. Vintage Vibe is your berry. Saying it now.