Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tarte Bling It On Blush Palette Review

I've been in a bit of a funk lately, and that's caused me some writer's block. That, and I've been kind of pottering around my kitchen trying out new recipes (since I'm totally basic I had to figure out the secrets of a pumpkin spice latte) and so I've been away from the blog for a teensy bit.

Doesn't mean I haven't been not using makeup though. In fact, I've really been having fun playing around with more fall-type shades!

 Now that I've gotten the excuses out of the way, today I'm bringing to you one of the Tarte holiday offerings, their blush palette. Now, Tarte usually comes out with a blush palette each holiday, and I'll totally admit that I may have got this one to complete the set with the ones from the previous years. That being said, the Tarte blush palettes are usually really good value, and a great way to try out their blush formula.

This year's theme is, well, bling. The palette is covered with tiny black shiny sequins which 1. make photographing the palette difficult, 2. gives a texture I'm not really fond of, and 3. has a tendency to come off.

Yeah. They come off. I do not foresee this palette aging well. I do foresee my vanity/drawers being covered in these sequins over the years. (And we know sequins, like glitter,has a tendency to reproduce. So if in five years time the news channels of the world talk about a mysterious black shiny object somewhere in Texas, you'll know it's me).

The inside of the palette, however, is a pretty rose-gold shade. It really makes me wonder why Tarte didn't stick to the rose-gold theme. This palette would have been so much prettier if they had put the rose gold on the outside, too!

It's made of cardboard, and is fairly sturdy. It's not the best construction though, I felt like the packaging could be a bit more... refined? I mean, you can see the magnets on each side of the palette (look closely at the picture above, left and right bottom corners of the palette). I think it'll travel well, but the blushes are fairly soft so I'd be wary and wrap it up really well in my luggage.

The palette comes with five blushes in the Tarte Amazonian Clay formula. The shades in this palette are:

Fetching: a matte, warm-toned medium rose pink.
Dollface: a matte, cool-toned, light pink with a blue undertone.
Prim: a matte brown-pink with mauve undertones.
Smashing: a matte, pink-toned coral.
Beaming: a midtone peach-y pink shade with silver shimmer. The shimmer didn't transfer to the cheeks, and the little shimmer that did transfer disappeared during blending, effectively giving this blush a matte finish.

As you know, I'm an NC42 in MAC foundations, and I have been reaching for this palette a lot. Even more than the previous years palettes, if I'm honest. Prim and Beaming are the perfect everyday go-with-everything shades for me, and anytime I'm unsure about the blush shade that goes with my makeup, I lean towards Prim. Fetching gives me the rosy cheeks that are synonymous with winter, but really, I'd consider it a year-round blush choice. The only one I'm finicky about is Dollface, and that's only because it's so cool-toned and I'm so warm-toned that I need to really tailor my makeup to wear it. Smashing, of course, is a great coral blush for summer (but I've been wearing even in the cooler weather so hah! It looks great on my brown skin, what can I say).

All the shadows are soft, smooth, and a little on the powdery side. They are all pigmented, and I had to use a careful hand with Fetching and Smashing. They can be built up and blended out very nicely though. On my oily skin, I get 5 hours wear time with them, after which I can see fading, and the faded blush-state lasts for another hour or so.

I kind of feel like this is a palette catering to those with fair to medium skin tones. I'm fairly sure Dollface, Prim and Beaming won't show up on anyone with a skintone over NC45 (Fetching and Smashing would, though). However, if you have medium - tan skin, this is a good palette!

If you're keen to try the Tarte blush formula, or just want to add to your stash of blushes, this is a good palette to opt for. You get a decent range of shades, with a formula that is really quite lovely. However, if you're deeper skinned and you're interested in it, I'd suggest swatching it before buying, as I fear some of the lighter shades might look chalky on you.

BGMM Rating: A- 


  1. I only own one Tarte blush, and that too from Poppy Picnic palette....the blushes are screaming my name.

    1. If you like the blush in that palette I'm sure you'll like these blushes too! :)

  2. Not too keen about the packaging either. Sequins are the horror once they start to fall off, they get everywhere!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Oh gosh yes. Sequins are so hard to clean up after!

  3. It looks pretty, but I feel last year had more variety!

    1. Oh yeah, I agree - last year had more variety. But I'm kinda digging this one because of all the great neutral shades for me. It's nice to have multiple 'fuss-free' options in one place.

  4. Not a fan of the Tarte formula, but Fetching looks great on your skin!

    1. What don't you like about the Tarte formula? I've been using Fetching to add some color to my face now that my tan is fading away, lol.