Monday, October 26, 2015

Quick swatches - Bite Limited Edition lipstick shades - Bellini, Mimosa and Kir Royale

Bite came out with three limited editions shades - which isn't unusual, since they come out with limited edition shades all the time - but what is unusual is that they were available as minis at Sephora. You could redeem your Beauty Insider points for the Bite set that consisted of a mini lipstick (in the limited edition shade), a mini lipgloss in the same shade, and a tiny (but cute!) mirror.

 is a bright, almost neon warm toned fuchsia pink.
Mimosa is a bright, warm toned orange-red.
Kir Royale is a medium pink-toned berry.

The lipsticks are all in their Luminous Creme formula. They are all very pigmented, very smooth, and just glide on to the lips. Wear time is fantastic - without any eating, they last a good 5 hours - and they all leave a stain behind.

The lipglosses are surprisingly pigmented, a little on the thick side, and fairly tacky. They wear well, but they do bleed a little bit so if you plan to wear them on their own, it's advisable to use a clear lipliner with it.

If any of the shades (lipstick) look interesting to you, they're available at Sephora as full sizes. They are limited edition and won't be around forever!


  1. i only picked up Kir Royale, but I'm glad I got it! The other shades I was meh on.

    1. Bellini is kind of like Candy Yum Yum on me, but I like Mimosa and Kir Royale. I might have to get a full size of both of those if I don't have similar shades already!