Monday, October 26, 2015

Quick swatches - Bite Limited Edition lipstick shades - Bellini, Mimosa and Kir Royale

Bite came out with three limited editions shades - which isn't unusual, since they come out with limited edition shades all the time - but what is unusual is that they were available as minis at Sephora. You could redeem your Beauty Insider points for the Bite set that consisted of a mini lipstick (in the limited edition shade), a mini lipgloss in the same shade, and a tiny (but cute!) mirror.

 is a bright, almost neon warm toned fuchsia pink.
Mimosa is a bright, warm toned orange-red.
Kir Royale is a medium pink-toned berry.

The lipsticks are all in their Luminous Creme formula. They are all very pigmented, very smooth, and just glide on to the lips. Wear time is fantastic - without any eating, they last a good 5 hours - and they all leave a stain behind.

The lipglosses are surprisingly pigmented, a little on the thick side, and fairly tacky. They wear well, but they do bleed a little bit so if you plan to wear them on their own, it's advisable to use a clear lipliner with it.

If any of the shades (lipstick) look interesting to you, they're available at Sephora as full sizes. They are limited edition and won't be around forever!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Des Neiges Review

Oh hai, look at my first ever Guerlain product! (also my only Guerlain product; ignore the sound of my wallet weeping in the corner).

I've long wondered about the Guerlain Meteorites. About anything Guerlain, really. Why do people rave about it? Why are they so well celebrated? What is all the magic about?

On the other hand - that price tag. G-damn, amiright? I felt like there was no way I could justify the price, you know? But I still lusted after them. So much. For so long...

... and then Guerlain came out with their holiday collection. The Guerlain Winter Fairy Tale collection. I like winter (in theory, of course, I like snow in small doses), and I like fairy tales. And then the packaging. If there's one thing they do amazingly, it's packaging. It reminded me of a winter wonderland. A snow globe filled with magic.

It's weighty and feels really good in your hand, despite the packaging being made of plastic. The inside comes with an extremely soft powder puff - and contrary to what I initially thought, the puff isn't meant for application purposes - it's there to prevent the meteorite pearls inside from breaking. (Did you know that the pearls are handmade? I didn't!). The meteorites are essentially a finishing powder - something you apply on top of your setting powder, to infuse some 'glow' back to your face. (Setting powders tend to leave your skin matte, which can look too flat in real life; these finishing powders help the final result look more natural, healthy and fresh).

This year's pearls come in an assortment of bronze-gold, champagne beige and white. The pearls are bronze gold and champagne beige, while the little stars (meant to resemble snowflakes, keeping in tune with the theme of the collection) are white. They look really, really pretty. Everything about the packaging and the product screams luxury (this actually makes my vanity look very rinky-dinky, haha).

Here's a closer look at each of the pearls. Out of the three, the gold has some microsparkle, while the champagne beige and the white star give off more of a sheen. I find that the easiest way to apply this product is to use a fluffy brush. (I use my Zoeva Petit Stippling brush or my Real Techniques Setting brush for localized application, and the Zoeva Powder brush for all over my face).

The above picture has heavy swatches of each pearl. I wasn't able to get a good swatch of the three of them combined, as my finger couldn't pick up enough product and it swatched sheerly. The resulting finish is a satiny-sheen, but (and here comes bad news) upon looking closer, in certain lights, you can see the microglitter.

Yeah, that's right. Microglitter.

I will tell you that in most lighting, this gives me the most glorious glow ever. Truly. I have oily skin and highlighters can make me look very oily very easily but this makes me glow. Like I've been chillin' out with some angels and oh, would you look at that, their wings lightly brushed across my face and whoops, I'm glowing. I couldn't take my eyes of myself!

But... in direct sunlight, you can see the glitter. There's no mistaking it. I made my husband look for any differences in my face and yes, in direct sunlight, he could see it. Natural light? Nope. Artificial indoor light? Nothing. Only direct sunlight.

If you're following me on Instagram (you totally should: aditi_bgmm) you'll have seen me posting a couple of selfies. I've been using these and really liking the results:

But you know what? I have mixed feeling! I like how these make me look, no doubt. But shelling out so much money for a product that you have to be careful with when you go out in direct sunlight seems... kinda silly. I do like the finish in other lighting though...

So if you do decide you want these, here are a couple of tips I learned during use, and from friends:
  • Don't use the powder puff for application. It'll deposit way too much product.
  • Use a fluffy brush that isn't very dense.
  • Apply first to the areas of your face you want to highlight (cheekbones, center of forehead, etc) and then if you want you can use what's remaining on the rest of your face.
BGMM Rating: A-

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tarte Bling It On Blush Palette Review

I've been in a bit of a funk lately, and that's caused me some writer's block. That, and I've been kind of pottering around my kitchen trying out new recipes (since I'm totally basic I had to figure out the secrets of a pumpkin spice latte) and so I've been away from the blog for a teensy bit.

Doesn't mean I haven't been not using makeup though. In fact, I've really been having fun playing around with more fall-type shades!

 Now that I've gotten the excuses out of the way, today I'm bringing to you one of the Tarte holiday offerings, their blush palette. Now, Tarte usually comes out with a blush palette each holiday, and I'll totally admit that I may have got this one to complete the set with the ones from the previous years. That being said, the Tarte blush palettes are usually really good value, and a great way to try out their blush formula.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Queen by Queen Latifah Perfume Review

I'm switching things up a little here on the blog today, to talk about something I've been interested in lately: fragrances.
I love 'em. For the longest time I just knew I liked smelling good, but I never knew how fragrances evolve over time. Did you know most fragrances have top notes, middle notes and base notes? Also, the best way to know if a fragrance will suit you is to actually wear it; body chemistry really plays a big role in how a fragrance will turn out to be.

Today, I'm going to talk about one of the first fragrances I picked up when I started to dip my toes into the fragrance world: Queen by Queen Latifah.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette Review (Limited Edition Holiday 2015)

Ahhh, holidays. That time of the year when you want to steel yourself against the new releases but you're powerless because they're gorgeous.

When I first saw this palette, the packaging captivated me (why lie, I bought this pretty much for the color-wheel style packaging!) and I knew I had to have it. So when it came out, I placed the order - instantly, really. Unfortunately I wasn't able to test it out for sometime, but after spending the past week or so testing this out I'm finally ready to share my thoughts!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick Fall 2015 Limited Edition Shades Review

There's something about the Wet N Wild lipsticks that I just can't quit. Well, the brand as a whole, really. They make some really good stuff, and more often than not, their limited edition collections are pretty amazing.

So when I heard about their Fall 2015 collection - Here's To The Wild Ones - umm, I fell hard. One, because the name is pretty awesome, and two, because of the lipstick shades.

What's so special about the lipsticks in this collection, you might ask? One way to put it is this, I suppose: I got 99 problems but a vampy shade of lipstick ain't one (ahem. There is clearly a reason why I'm not in the songwriting business.)

This collection has 6 lipsticks, 6 nail lacquers, and 4 eyeshadow palettes. Unfortunately, my Walgreens was out of everything else, but I was lucky enough to get the lipstick shades I had set my sights on. So, onwards!