Friday, September 25, 2015

Wer N Wild Fergie To Reflect Shimmer Palette Review - Hollywood Boulevard & Rose Champagne Glow

Given that the world seems to be going nuts over strobing - what is even up with that, can I ask - everyone seems to be in the search of the next big highlighter. Or, well, something that does the job without breaking the bank, you know?


I have a lot of love for Wet N Wild products - they really do have some lovely products - and I'm not sure why their highlighters aren't more talked about, really. I'm about to rectify that *dun dun DUN*.

The packaging, I'll admit, isn't all that appealing. (I can't complain, given the price!). The product is housed in a black plastic packaging with a transparent top, so you can see the color of the product. The bottom of the package has a sticker with a barcode and the name of the shade - I wish they'd made the font size bigger. 

The product is a baked product and has a lot of veins of different colors running through it. It's also slightly domed, although pretty flat compared to other baked products (e.g. the Milani baked blushes). I found it very difficult to pick up the color of just one vein - this is a product that's meant to be mixed and used. Also, because it's a baked product, the amount/size of the veins in the product will always be different from one to the next.

Hollywood Boulevard is a shimmery, light golden shade with veins of pink and brown running through it. The end result is a warm light golden champagne with a very shimmery, almost metallic finish. I think this is better suited to those with warm tones, because even though there is some amount of pink, it doesn't seem to do much as far as making the end shade neutral.

Rose Champagne Glow is a shimmery, light baby pink with pink, peach and beige-champagne veins. The end shade is a neutral pink-beige with a very shimmery finish. This also seems to have flecks of tiny silver microglitter in it as well. I'd consider this to be the more universal shade of the two, suiting both warm and cool tones.

Between the two, I found Hollywood Boulevard to have the softer texture. I found it extremely easy to pick up on a brush, and apply and blend out. I think Rose Champagne Glow is pressed a little bit harder into the pan, I felt like I needed more pressure to pick up the product on my brush.

Both of these are very shimmery, and have a slight tendency to highlight pores (we ALL have pores, so what if they *gasp!* show up, people!! /end rant) but the finish that they give is truly lovely. Both of these are quite pigmented so be sure to use a fluffy brush! You can also use these wet for a more intense finish, if you'd like. I've used both of these wet as eyeshadow, and they are so gorgeous!

On me, these last about the same time I get from any blush - 5 hours or so. I find that Hollywood Boulevard fades evenly, while Rose Champagne Glow fades a little patchily (nothing noticeable unless you stick your face about an inch from the mirror!) The microglitter in Rose Champagne Glow is pretty tiny, but I do have larger-than-average pores (thanks a lot, acne) and so I try to keep it for the night. Hollywood Boulevard is almost magical. It's lovely, very finely milled and the texture is also great.

If you're looking for some great highlighters, check these out. For the price, the product is great, and you get a lot of it too! If I had to recommend one over the other, it'd be Hollywood Boulevard, I think it's just lovely. 

BGMM Rating: Hollywood Boulevard - A
                      Rose Champagne Glow - B+

PS - Hollywood Boulevard is the newest addition to the To Reflect Shimmer palettes line. It's permanent and replaces Carnival In Rio, which is being discontinued.


  1. I need Hollywood Boulevard. No, I really need it. Not want. NEED.

    1. You need this, for sure! (also Rose Golden Goddess, trust me).