Monday, September 14, 2015

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Beeper and Clueless (Limited edition Fall 2015)

I'm sure everyone and their wallets (hur hur) must have heard of the new matte liquid lipsticks that Colourpop released, so I'm not going to bore you too much with the details. Suffice to say that they came out with a general catalogue collection, and they released eight limited edition shades for Fall.

I picked up two of the neutral shades to try out (but I also have a couple of the general catalogue shades I'll be reviewing sometime soon).

Giving a bit of background on matte liquid lipsticks - they're the trend that's in at the moment. They range from a thicker, mousse-like texture to a thinner, runnier texture. What they have in common is that they apply onto the lips wet, but dry down. They also generally tend to be long lasting.

Let's talk about the packaging of these - they're housed in a clear plastic tube with a silver top. It has a  slightly flattened doefoot applicator. My only gripe with these is that the stopper (the ring that's supposed to help take off excess product) isn't very effective, so the applicator ends up with too much product. And with a formula like this, I find that having too much product = applying too much product, which affects the wear.

The shades I have are:

Beeper - this is a warm brown-toned pink. I think it's a great shade for everyone, but it makes a great neutral, nude shade for those of us with deeper skins.
Clueless - this is a cool-toned dusty pink with mauve undertones. It's one of the few pinks that work for me, and this is one of the few pinks that I have that I'd consider neutral.

Let's talk about the formula - this has a thinner formula, which is good because it dries quickly (in about five seconds). However, this isn't the best formula I've tried. Granted, most of the (similar formula) liquid lipsticks I've tried are higher end, but I recently reviewed the Milani Amore Matte liquid lipsticks and I think they are a superior formula.

This isn't a bad formula by any means. The issues I had with it were: if I applied too much, it would flake off in about two hours time. I noticed that over the course of wear, it would fade out from my liplines (you know how when you apply your lipstick, you keep your mouth open to get a smooth surface, but when you close your mouth you have those little vertical lines on your lips? The lipstick fades from the 'grooves' that those lines make). I also noticed that when I drank something, even water, the lipstick would flake off from the corners of my mouth, and it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

However, it was very comfortable to wear, and only mildly drying (towards the 5 hour mark). With the exception of the corners of my lips (the area where the upper and lower lip meet) it stood up fairly well (despite it fading from my lip lines, you'd never be able to tell from a normal, talking distance). A single application yields an almost opaque coverage (I find that a single application is enough for me). Oh, and once dry, these don't transfer at all. Plus, I can't deny that ColourPop has the widest range of shades for a liquid lipstick from a drugstore!

Here's how they look on me:

I get about 4 hours of wear (mild snacking and drinking water) from them before I feel like I need to reapply. These apply well over themselves, but just try to make sure you don't overapply. They're also easy to take off, it comes right off with my cleansing oil. I also find that it's a good thing to have your lips prepped before, and I always slather on some lip balm after I take it off (although I do that for all my liquid/matte lipsticks).

I'm kind of torn over these. Will I get use out of them? Yeah. Do I think these are the best? No. Do I think these are value for money? This is where I'm stuck. If I consider these as a plain lipstick (albeit in liquid form) then no, there are better "normal" lipsticks out there. However, as a matte liquid lipstick, I think these aren't too bad. Sure, they can improve the formula, but for something from a drugstore it's worth checking out.

BGMM Rating: B-


  1. Those colors both look really great on you! The swatch of Beeper reminds me of Stila Patina.

    1. Thanks! The shades definitely are gorgeous, and they have a great range.

  2. These two are my favorites from the colourpop line..they look gorgeous on you!

    1. Thanks! After seeing your post on them I realized I couldn't pass them up, haha.

  3. Replies
    1. I thought Clueless would suit you! What colors do you gravitate towards?

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