Friday, September 18, 2015

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows Review (Limited Edition Fall 2015)

For Fall 2015, ColourPop came out with their 'ColourPop Throws It Back' collection (also called, apparently, Back To The 90's) as a homage to the grunge look of the 90's (which I absolutely do not remember because I was full-bodied tomboy during my childhood) so I took it as a chance to re-live the 90's look.

I was very fastidious when choosing what to pick from this collection, because despite it having several lovely shades and sets, I'm trying to stick to colors that I'll actually use. With that thought in mind, I picked up only two of the ten Super Shock shadows available in this range.

The packaging is the same old packaging, a white plastic jar with a clear, see through screw-on lid. The packaging is designed to keep the product (a cream) from drying out, so I can understand it's purpose, but I have several of these jars and have yet to find a way to store them effectively. [If you store them lid-up, you can see which shade you want to reach for but it takes up more space. Store them on their side and it takes up less space but you can't distinguish between the shades.]

I have two of the more wearable shades. Now, the quilted pattern isn't very deep and disappears after the first use, which is a pity - I think it's really pretty! A quick recap on the formula: these are a very spongy, mousse-y cream to powder formula.

Boy Band is a warm red-brown bronze with a metallic finish. This is a gorgeous shade and really does remind me of fall!
Central Perk is a berry-toned burgundy with a matte finish. I think this is quite a unique shade, and is one of the few burgundy shades that actually shows up burgundy on me.

As far as application, Boy Band was easy to use, it applied smoothly (and opaquely) and blended out easily. I like this as an lid shade, and I've had success using it with a flat synthetic brush. Central Perk, on the other hand, swatched patchily and isn't as pigmented as Boy Band, which was a let down. I did have more success using this on my eye, especially when used with a dense brush. I use it in my crease and outer V with a dense domed brush to apply it, and then blend out with a fluffier brush.

In the picture above Boy Band is a single swipe, while Central Perk is two passes. You can see how patchy it is. It takes a bit of work on the lid but it does blend out.

Personally I like both shades - I don't think I have anything similar to them in my collection. I'm particularly impressed with Boy Band and I'm thinking of maybe getting a backup of this! I'm less impressed with, but still like, Central Perk (woop woop Friends shout-out!) and I think it's a unique enough shade to justify having it with me.

BGMM Rating: Boy Band - A+
                      Central Perk - B+                        


  1. I recently made a Colourpop order inspired by Shrutilaya, and Central Perk was one of the eye-shadows I ordered. What a bummer :( !

    1. It isn't too bad, as long as you use the right brushes. I like the color itself, but I think it would have been so much better if it performed better!

    2. The matte shadows in this range scare me a bit.. something about needing to use your fingers and matte just don't work well together, for me.
      Now, I need to pick up Bad Boy, damnit!

    3. I find my Real Techniques brushes work well with the shadows! It took a little bit of experimentation but I find that dense, synthetic brushes work well for me.

  2. I am eyeing Stereo and Central Perk from this line but Stereo has been out of stock since long..waiting for it to be restocked :) Boy Band is gorgeous but I have more than enough bronze shades right now :)

    1. I like the look of Stereo too! Too bad it's been out of stock :/

      What are your favorite bronze eyeshadows?