Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fyrinnae Liquid Matte Lipstick in Kitten Review

You know matte liquid lipsticks are here to stay when indie companies take a shot at them! And I think one of the more well-known ones from the indie world come from Fyrinnae.

I was interested in the Fyrinnae Liquid Matte lipsticks, especially since they had a shade that was so on point with the greige trend. The shade, Kitten, seemed to always be out of stock but one day when I was browsing the site (am I the only one who does it? Surely not!) I saw it was available and I had to go for it.

The packaging is a simple plastic tube with a doe foot applicator. It's fairly simple but if you don't ensure the cap is screwed on properly there's a good chance the product will either leak or dry out (or both). 

The issue with this product is that it is very, very liquid-y and runny. The first time I applied the product, I left the tube standing on my table and accidentally knocked it over. Some of the product spilled out, which annoyed me. Then, as I was taking pictures for the blog, this happened:

More product spilled out! Augh! I must have lost about half the contents. I'm quite annoyed. Anyway, from the picture above you can see how liquid it is, and how it'll dry down to a matte finish (see the edges).

The shade is a greyish pink-beige, and in the tube it looks far more pink than it does on my lips. The doefoot applicator picks up too much of the product and you'll have to scrape the excess off before application. (There was no stopper in my tube to help take off the excess). Application itself was fairly easy, and the product applied smoothly and dried down quickly to a matte finish; however I will note it was a tad patchy (but can be smoothed out and built up). This is a matte product and it does emphasize any dry patches on the lips, and it's also a tad drying on it's own (after a couple of hours of wear time).

The shade isn't fully opaque (I would say 90% opacity) but you can build up the color in layers with no issues.

The swatch color is very different from the color in the tube, which confused me. I had really hoped it would pull true to color but it's much more grey (with some purple tones) than it appears in the tube. This isn't the best, especially if you're warm-toned.

I get about 5 hours of wear time with minimal snacking and drinking. Once it dries down, it's transfer-proof, but I do find that if I eat a meal I have to reapply. Re-application isn't an issue because it applies smoothly on top of the old layer.

Here's how it looks on me:

I'm not sure I can wear this product by itself; it's far too grey. Even with a brown lip liner it's still not terribly attractive. I have tried this with a burgundy and a plum lipliner and those do seem to help in making the color more wearable.

I can't fault the formula - for an indie company, it's a great, comfortable-to-wear formula. I'm just a little bummed out that I ended up losing so much of the product, and also that the shade really doesn't work for me. They have a range of other shades however, and I'm curious to try some of their vampy shades during the colder months.

BGMM Rating: B+

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