Friday, August 14, 2015

Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad in 06 Upside Brown Review

Upside Brown. Such a cute name!

Back in May I mentioned how I really liked the Bourjois Smoky Stories quad... I also mentioned that I'd had them for a while and, uh. totally forgot to review them. I'm forgiven though, right? These are a permanent product, so you can always get them... if you want.

The packaging is pretty basic - plastic packaging, with a dual-ended sponge tip applicator (don't throw it out). The color of the plastic is coordinated to the shades inside, and the name of the palette is printed on the bottom. I pretty much use the color of the packaging to figure out which palette it is, so it's useful for that.

The pans aren't equal in size, with more of the lighter shades than the deeper shades, which is great because y'know, unless you wear a smoky eye every day, you're not really going to need much of it. The shade in the center is a glitter shade - what Bourjois calls 'Light Touch' and it's meant to add dimension to the eye.

The left shade is a light, warm-toned satin brown.
The shade on the right is a medium-deep satin, purple-toned taupe.
The shade on the bottom is a deep, warm-toned brown in a satin finish.
The center shade is a white shade with lots of gold glitter. The glitter particles are less complex than those in the Over Rose, which is shade. The shade itself is also rather flaky, which was weird. I'd definitely recommend using a glitter primer for this (or at least a very tacky base).

These shades are really pigmented, and so, so soft and smooth. Despite their softness/smoothness, they don't kick up a lot of product (there's no eyeshadow dust flying around everywhere, if you know what I mean). Aside from the glitter shades, there's no fallout. They apply and blend out easily with minimal effort. Over primer I easily get eight hours wear from these shadows (except for the glitter shade, which is more finicky and prone to fallout over time).

I talked about how the glitter shade was rather flaky, and here's what I mean:

You can see the sort of duochrome nature of the glitter shade (and the glitter particles) but notice how flaky it is on the right side of the swatch? That's why you really need a good, tacky base under it - I'm not sure you can wear this on top of eyeshadows, I've had the most success using this over a cream shadow.

Here are a couple of looks I've done with this palette:

I do have one or two gripes with this palette - one, I hate that the glitter shade is in the center because it gets everywhere, and I have to be a little careful in using it or else it gets all over the other shades. Seriously, how hard is it to put it into its own little compartment or something. Or get rid of it, and put in another shade! That brings me to my second issue - why not take out the glitter shade and put in a matte shade? That would be far more useful.

But, all things considered, I'm really, really impressed by the quality of the shadows in these quads because in my humble opinion I really believe they rival the quality of higher-end shadows. Sure, you don't have a matte shade, but these truly are some wonderful shadows.

BGMM Rating: A-


  1. You can find some awesome drugstore eyeshadows, I am always surprised when I try some. Somehow I always go back to MAC though.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I'm actually not so wowed by MAC shadows (except for the Extra Dimension finish ones I have). I think there are so many great formulas out there.

  2. I'm just not a fan of "cheaper" formulas. I know I sound like a major snob, but I would rather spend my money on ONE high end eyeshadow which I could use everyday, rather than buying these palettes. Or I'd get tons of Makeup Geek! Heh.
    Having said that, it does look pretty!

    1. This is definitely not a 'cheap' formula - it's actually one of the nicer ones I have! I think sometimes a lot of these hiddem gems get overlooked. Makeup Geek shadows are nice, but that being said, I actually think these are nicer than the MUG satin shades.

  3. Ugh, it's too bad this doesn't have a matte anchor shade! Too much shimmer/glitter in one palette sucks!

    1. That's my pet peeve with this palette! No matte shades, and that glitter shade is far too flaky and badly positioned.