Monday, August 17, 2015

Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad in 05 Good Nude Review

Continuing on my reviews for the Bourjois Smoky Stories quads, today I'm going to be talking about the Good Nude quad. This is an... interesting quad. It's nothing like I expected it to be, but more on that later.

Like I've mentioned before, these are permanent, so you can pick them up anytime, should you want. (If you want to read my thoughts on the other quads in the line, here's Upside Brown and Over Rose)

This is one of the cooler-toned quads in the line. The packaging is, as mentioned before, basic plastic packaging. The color of the packaging is coordinated with the shades inside. The name of the palette is printed on the bottom, but the packaging color helps to distinguish between them more than the label does. This comes with a dual-ended sponge tip applicator that helps with the glitter shade in the center.

We have the same unequal pans, the lighter shades having more quantity and the deepest shade having a smaller pan. The center glitter shade is the smallest of the lot. Bourjois call it the Light Touch shade, and it's meant to add dimension to the eye.

The left shade is a satin grey taupe with a slight purple undertone. This looks warmer in the pan than it does on me, which is rather strange! I had to swatch and re-swatch it several times to make sure I was seeing the right color. It's a pretty shade, just... unexpected.
On the right is a neutral medium satin brown. In certain lights it almost looks like it has a rosy undertone.
The shade at the bottom is a deep, cool-toned brown black. This also has a satin finish.
The center glitter shade is silver, with silver flecks of glitter. Like the Upside Brown quad, this shade is rather flaky and requires a good tacky base to really adhere to.

These shadows are a little bit drier in texture as compared to the ones in the quads I've reviewed before. They're still pigmented, and smooth, but the difference between this and the others is noticeable. It also kicks up a little bit of powder when you dip your brush into the shadow - you can see this in the swatches as well.

They apply and blend out easily, and over primer it lasts all day with minimal fading and creasing. They don't have any fallout, except for the glitter shade of course.

Let's compare the Good Nude and Upside Brown quads:

The Good Nude quad is mostly cool toned - with the exception of the medium shade. The Upside Brown quad is mostly warm toned, with the exception of, again, the medium shade. It almost appears as though the Good Nude medium should have been placed in the Upside Brown quad!

The textures are also a tad different - you can see Good Nude is a little bit on the dry, powdery side as compared to Upside Brown. The deepest shade in the Good Nude quad is a little less pigmented than it's counterpart. All in all, these are different enough to justify owning both.

Comparing the glitter shades, you can see the Good Nude is silver, with silver glitter while the Upside brown is a champagne-y white shade with gold glitter (giving an almost duochrome finish).

Here are a couple of looks I've done with this palette:

I feel like the lightest shade (used all over the lid on the left picture) photographs much better than it looks in real life. It's quite cool-toned on me, almost somewhat jarringly so in person!

My gripes with this palette are constant and consistent - one, why are there no matte shades included? It makes no sense to me at all. Two, why is the glitter shade smack dab in the middle of the quad, it's the worst placement possible and the glitter does get everywhere. Again, zero sense.

Overall though, a great cool-toned, neutral quad with good quality shadows. The shades included make for a fuss-free look, and as much as I dislike glitter I have to admit that it does add an extra oomph when used!

BGMM Rating: B


  1. I loved your eotd here..its gorgeous and these colors does suit you very well..i wish bourjois was readily available here..i want to try their bronzing powder which I have heard is dupe for chanel

    1. Thanks, Parita! :) I know Bourjois is available on and I have come across some stuff on Ebay as well, if that helps? Their bronzing powder does sound interesting!