Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Too Faced Natural Matte Palette Review

(Apologies for the slight delay in posting this! I had some things to take care of.) 

It's rare I come across a product where I just can't make my mind up as to whether I like it or not. I like to think of myself as someone with strong opinions (when it comes to makeup, at least) and it's easier for me to work with a product once I know how I feel about it, you know? 

The product in question is the Too Faced Natural Matte palette, which is supposed to be the all-matte version of their Natural Eyes palette. This palette got me all excited because 1. I love me some good matte eyeshadows, and 2. Lord knows I can't get enough of neutral shades. This just seemed like absolute perfection to me.
The palette has metal packaging, and the eyeshadows are housed in a  metal tin. The tin is sturdy but the magnetic closure that keeps it closed doesn't seem to be very strong, because it doesn't close as firmly as I'd like it to.

I really like the design on the packaging, it's cute but chic. The colors chosen for the packaging are also pretty, keeping in with the "natural" theme.
Inside there are nine eyeshadows, a How-To Glamour Guide that has three cards, each with different looks in them. Behind the Glamour Guide is a small mirror. The mirror isn't something I'd be comfortable with (it's rather small for my tastes) but I suppose it will do in a pinch.

The shadows are sorted into three "looks" - Day, Classic and Fashion. Each row of eyeshadows represents a different look.
I'd like to add that it was a pain in the posterior to take a picture of the tin such that the names of the shadows showed up. The metal was so reflective! This was the best I could do, and it took quite a bit of patience and finagling! 

As you can see, the top row is the Day look and consists of the shadows Heaven, Cashmere Bunny and Sexspresso. (What exactly is a sexspresso? Why is it included in a Day look? So many questions...)

The middle row is the Classic look and features the shadows Lace Teddy (when did Lace Teddies become classic I'd like to know), Strapless and Risque (same question!).

The bottom row is the Fashion look and has the shadows Nudie, Honey Butter and Chocolate Cookie (okay.. I suppose we can establish that the names are quite... random).
Day look (top row)
Heaven is a matte beige. This was a little on the chalky side, and faded during blending. It makes a good browbone highlight for my skin, though.
Cashmere Bunny is a matte medium taupe brown. This had good pigmentation, but I had some issues with blending.
Sexspresso is a warm toned, matte deep brown. This was one of the better shades in the palette.
Classic look (middle row)
Lace Teddy is a matte light peach shade. This had good pigmentation and blended easily.
Strapless is a matte rosy brown shade. This was one of my favorite shades from the palette, but it seemed to fade out during blending.
Risque is a matte purple with brown undertones. This was one of the better shades in the palette.
Fashion look (bottom row)
Nudie is a matte light taupe brown. This had good pigmentation, and the shade was perfect to cover my pigmented lids and create a blank canvas.
Honey Butter is a matte light orange-y brown. This is one of the better shades in the palette, and makes a wonderful lid shade.
Chocolate Cookie is a matte medium warm-toned brown. This was another one of the better shades in the palette.
With this palette, we have good news and bad news. The good news - it really does live up to its name. With this palette, you can get some truly natural looks. The fact that the palette is divided up into different "looks" takes the guesswork out of using this palette

On the other hand, I feel like these aren't the best mattes I've come across. The lighter shades - Heaven and Lace Teddy - seem a bit chalky to me. All the shadows are rather powdery in texture, and they fade while blending - so if you're not careful you could end up with a very muddy look. Despite being pigmented in the swatches I felt that they did not give as much pigmentation on the lids.

I also felt that the best way to use these was to really pack the color(s) onto the lid, then blend out the edges gently (and not too much).

Here's a look I did with the palette:
So, to sum things up - this is a good palette for natural, everyday, work-appropriate looks. These are not the nicest mattes around, but the shadows are decent, nonetheless. It'll definitely work better on lighter skintones (you'll have more contrast between the shadows and your skin) but if you're deeper skinned and want an all-matte palette solely for creating simple, natural looks, try this out. Just keep a lookout for sales - I wouldn't recommend this palette at full price.

I can't figure out how I feel about this palette. I mean, I like the looks I get out of it (after some effort) but I hate that I have to be careful about blending. I like that I can use this palette with more shimmery palettes, but these are rather powdery in texture. Oh, dangnabit. I still haven't decided!

BGMM Rating: B


  1. I like the look of the last row... but the only matte palette that really gets me excited is the Viseart and Kat Von D ones.

    1. I was looking at the KVD palette and it's the same issue - the 'neutral' and 'cool' quads in that palette pull ashy on me :(

      The Viseart palettes are all high up on my wishlist, they look gorgeous.

  2. Too Faced does make some awesome palettes but this one didnt vow me at all..I guess I love my warm browns way too much..currently I am eyeing pur minerals soul mattes and kat von d shade and light for eyes

    1. I have my eye on the Soul Mattes too! I think the idea of pink-hued mattes is exciting. The KVD shade and light has a similar issue to this - majority of the shades in that pull ashy on me, unfortunately.

  3. Chocolate Cookie reminds me of MAC's Swiss Chocolate - I think MAC and Too Faced had some personnel exchange happen at some point :-P

    I really like the look of this palette! Especially the look you've put together - there's something very effortless (appearing) about an all matte look. I have the Tarte matte palette that I've got zero uses out of :(. The pigmentation on that one was so disappointing. I bought the Naked Basics 2 a while ago - and assumed that every matte palette would be as pigmented and easy to use as that one ..sigh.

    1. I've always found Tarte's mattes to be subpar :( These are definitely better than Tarte's mattes!

      If you like the Naked Basics 2, you should check out Basics 1, too. It's surprisingly not as cool toned as I thought it would be - in fact, I find Basics 2 to be more cool toned!