Monday, July 13, 2015

theBalm Nude Tude vs Nude Dude Comparison

I've already reviewed the Nude 'Tude and Nude Dude palettes separately, so I'm not going to be talking about what I think of them. This post is mainly for comparison purposes. I was curious to see if there was any overlap between the two palettes, and if so, how much of an overlap.

I mainly tried to focus on shades that seemed to have some similarity, either in pan or when I was swatching.

Let's start off by looking at swatches of all the shadows, together. I've swatched each row of the two palettes together.

I feel like the Nude 'Tude leans more brown-toned, while the Nude Dude leans more rosy. If you recall in my review of Nude Dude, I mentioned that this feels very much like the Urban Decay Naked  palette, with the rosiness, and I think that's fairly accurate.

Moving on to the comparisons:

Nude 'Tude Stand-Offish vs. Nude Dude Faithful & Fit

Stand-Offish is a light pink while Faithful is a light yellow gold. Fine is a rose-y copper shade. THe only thing they have on common is the shimmery finish, otherwise they do not resemble each other even vaguely.

Nude 'Tude Sultry vs.  Nude Dude Flawless

Sultry is a warm toned medium brown, while Flawless is more of a light grey-brown taupe. They're both mattes, but the shades are very different.

Nude 'Tude Seductive & Selfish vs. Nude Dude Firm

Seductive is a taupe shade, while selfish is a warm golden bronze shade. Firm is a warm pink-mauve. Seductive and Selfish are satin with a sheen finish, while Firm is a shimmery finish.

Nude 'Tude Sexy vs. Nude Dude Funny & Friendly

I was really curious about these. Sexy is a lovely burgundy with a brown undertone to it, and I wondered if there was another such unique shade in the Nude Dude palette. Funny is more of a reddish bronze, while Friendly is a blackened purple. Friendly and Sexy are both matte finishes, while Funny is a satin. I feel that Sexy would be a cross between Funny and Friendly, am I crazy?

Nude 'Tude Silly vs. Nude Dude Friendly

At first glance, I thought these were somewhat similar, but not really. Silly is a cool toned brown with gold and copper glitter, while Friendly is a blackened purple. Silly is *technically* matte (with the infusion of shimmer particles) and Friendly is a matte through and through.

Nude 'Tude Sleek vs. Nude Dude Fine & Friendly

Sleek is a matte black-brown, while Fine is a matte warm-toned brown, but in comparison with Sleek, it looks like it has some reddish tones to it. Compared to Fine and Sleek, Friendly looks a tad more berry-plum toned than in the previous comparisons. I'm not sure if my eyes are playing tricks?

Nude 'Tude Sophisticated vs. Nude Dude Fine

Sophisticated is a satin bronze with bronze shimmer, while Fine is a red-toned brown with a matte finish. In my opinion, these are the two shades that had the most resemblance. but even then, they're not very similar.

Nude 'Tude Serious vs. Nude Dude Fierce

Serious is a matte black - this is a definitely a serious black shade (see what I did there, hur hur hur). Fierce, by comparison (aside from the obvious silver shimmer) is almost a deep brown-black - kind of like Sleek on steroids, almost. I really wish that there was no silver shimmer in Fierce - it would be a great brow shade for me!

All in all, I can safely say that if you want to own these two palette, but are worried about having overlapping or similar shades, worry not! They have some very beautiful shades in each palette, but they're not similar at all. And each palette complements the other  - you can mix and match the shadows from the palettes and come up with a multitude of combinations.


  1. Both the palettes are quite original in my opinion..i need nude dude palette in my life now!

    1. It's definitely a palette worth having! :)

  2. Oh dear. More palettes on my wishlist. Sigh. Why do you do this to me?

    1. Oh dear! In my defense, it's a very nice palette!