Wednesday, July 8, 2015

theBalm Nude 'Tude Palette Review

Today I'm going to be talking about something that's been in the market for quite sometime now... a product that is, in my humble opinion, not spoken about enough. I'd go so far as to say the brand as a whole is rather under-rated, which baffles me.

When people talk about neutral palettes, Urban Decay's Naked line comes immediately to mind. But what happens if you don't like the formula of the Naked palettes? Or if you feel that it doesn't have enough finishes? Well, let me point you to an alternative - theBalm Nude Tude palette.

The brand has more "cutesy" packaging - lots of prints and cheeky ideas here. You'll either love it or hate it. Personally I find their packaging to be refreshing, but I can see that it may not fit in with the aesthetic of some people, especially older, more mature women.

The palette is made of sturdy cardboard material - it will get scuffed if you treat it too harshly! - and houses twelve eyeshadows in a variety of finishes. It also has a good-sized mirror that you can use (I have used it on many an occasion and found it satisfactory) as well as a small dual ended brush.

The brush has a flat shader brush on one end, suitable for packing on shadow, and an angled brush at the other end that can be used as a liner brush or as a brown brush. The brush(es) are decent quality and can be used in a pinch; however I could only use it to create single-shadow looks. The flat shader end can't be used for blending, so keep that in mind.

theBalm Nude 'Tude Naughty version
There are two versions of this palette - the "Naughty" version (pictured above) is the one I have, and features pin-up girls in rather suggestive poses. I found this rather cheeky and amusing, which is why I chose to go with it. The "Nice" version doesn't have the girls, and the print on the inside is a copy of the print on the cover (see below).

theBalm Nude 'Tude Nice version (image taken from the theBalm website)
I'm a little baffled by the names of the shades; I understand they're meant to be 'attitudes' reflective of the 'tude in the name, but I have no idea what they have to do with the shades themselves. Why is a taupe shade called selfish? Are burgundys in general sexy? What does it all mean? /end rant.

Sassy is a satin white with a sheen finish. It can be used as a highlight if you so wish - the sheen doesn't emphasize pores as long as you use it with a light hand.

Stubborn is a light pink with a sheen finish. This can also be used as a highlight.

Snobby is a light yellow gold with tiny gold shimmer. It was a little on the patchy side, and a teeny bit chalky in texture, but applied well on the lid.

Stand-offish is a metallic light rose-pink with pink shimmer.

Selfish is a shimmery, almost metallic cool-toned taupe brown with slight purple undertones. One of my favorite shades in the palette.

Sophisticated is a neutral mid-deep satiny brown with bronze-y shimmer.

Sultry is a matte warm toned medium brown. This makes a great transition shade.

Seductive is a warm-toned shimmery bronze-y gold. This is my favorite shade in the palette, it's so beautiful and complex.

Sexy is a matte brown-toned burgundy. While I love the shade, I'm a little disappointed because despite it swatching burgundy on my hand, when I apply it on my eyes it leans more brown. I'm not sure if this is because my eyelids are a little pigmented? When I use it over a Color Tattoo (Pomegranate Punk) the burgundy tones are very vibrant.

Serious is a matte black. This is definitely one of the more pigmented black shades I own; you have to be careful using it or you'll end up with too much.

Silly is a matte warm-toned deep brown shade with gold and copper shimmer in it. The shimmer sticks around in swatches but tends to be blended away easily; I haven't tried using this over a glitter primer so I can't say if that helps the shimmer stay around. Because of the obvious shimmer, this was the only shade that I had to worry about fallout.

Sleek is a matte cool-toned dark brown-black. This shade I find is great for filling in my brows, and it also makes for a great eyeliner shade.

The shadows are soft in texture - when you dip your brush into them some powder does kick up, so be sure to tap off any excess before applying. They're also seriously pigmented - I used this palette a while ago after a long gap and forgot about the pigmentation and I looked ridiculous. They also apply very smoothly, and they blend out with seemingly no effort at all. Over primer they lasted all day on me - in the photo below I applied them at ten in the morning and when I took off my makeup at 9 p.m. there was no fading or creasing, which is impressive.

My favorite shades are Seductive, Sexy and Selfish. I find that Selfish can be a tinge too cool-toned for me, but this is easily rectified by using a Color Tattoo or a warm-toned cream eyeshadow under it. If you don't want the hassle of using that, just pair it with some warm toned shades and it's more wearable. Sexy is a lovely shade, but I do wish it pulled more burgundy on me - it could be a different case on those with fairer skins. Silly was the only disappointment in the palette, and to be honest it's not even that big a deal - if it was a matte shade, sans the shimmer, it would be totally amazing.

Here's how the shadows look on me:

It's really a good neutral palette, but it isn't your average neutral palette - some of the shades look dupeable in the pan but they're quite unique. I also have to add that while I'm pretty much a dud when it comes to smokey eyes, I found that for some reason I was able to get a decent smokey eye using the shadows in this palette - something that doesn't happen very often! So there's that.

I think it's a great palette - if you're in the market for a not-so-average neutral palette this fits the bill!

BGMM Rating: A-


  1. love this palette so of my oldest and most used palette!

    1. It's a great palette for sure! What are you favorite shades?

  2. That is some serious Blending A Game! :D

    1. Coming from you that's high praise indeed! :O Thanks! :D

  3. This is one of my oldest favorite palette and seriously underrated! theBalm blushes are my absolute favorites as well..the quality is impeccable!

    1. I agree! It's a very underrated brand. Which blush of theirs do you like the best?

  4. AnonymousJuly 11, 2015

    Hey Aditi! I got this one during a 50% HauteLook sale -- mainly because I saw Lisa Elridge use it in a video :-P. I've used it once :( I don't think I will ever gain the skills to use more than two eye-shadows :( This looks SO good on you, and girl have lashes for ages #jealous!

    1. I get all my theBalm stuff during their 50% off sales, haha. And it took me some time to learn how to use more than 2 shadows, too, but I can't do any of those amazing looks that need 5+ shadows!