Friday, July 10, 2015

theBalm Nude Dude Palette Review

So on Wednesday I reviewed the version one of theBalm's neutral palette offerings, the Nude 'Tude palette. Following in the footsteps of all companies who decided to take the success of neutral palettes further (here's looking at you, Urban Decay!) they released the Nude Dude palette.

The Nude Dude palette is a neutral palette containing twelve eyeshadows. The name is cute, and relates to the original. And like it's big sister, it has a very fun packaging.

The packaging is made of cardboard and is sturdy, although I can forsee it getting scuffed over time, if not treated gently. It does travel well though (provided you cushion it when packing, of course). It had a good sized, easy-to-use mirror, and a small dual-ended brush.

The brush has an angled shadow brush on one end and an angled liner brush on the other end. I'm assuming the angled shadow brush is meant to be used for both packing on shadow as well as blending, but I found it far too stiff for blending. It can be used to apply shadow decently, but I prefer using my own brushes. The angled liner end is great though, and has just enough floppiness to not drag on the lashline. It also makes for a great brow brush.

Unlike the Nude 'Tude, this only has one version of the packaging. It features supposedly "nude" guys posing, with the shadows placed over strategic areas (similar to the Naughty version of the Nude 'Tude) but this is actually less risque because you can clearly see that the guys are wearing shorts. So I guess there's no need to have two versions of the inside packaging. 

My gripe with theBalm is over the shadow names, again. This one, the "dude" version has all positive qualities as names. However they decided that the "girl" version of this should have both positives and negatives. Why is that? That's being rather sexist, right there. Shame on you, theBalm. (Yes, I could be reading too much into it but it just rubbed me the wrong way.)

Fearless is a matte warm toned creamy beige. This is a fantastic shade to use as an all-over lid shade. I use it after applying primer to make blending go more easily, and it really does help.

Flawless is a neutral toned matte light-medium brown with a slight greyish tinge to it. It makes a good transition shade and helps to blend out crease colors.

Fabulous is a satin off-white. This makes a wonderful inner corner highlight, and I use it to highlight my browbone as well.

Faithful is a light golden peach shade. It applies lighter on my skin than it looks in the pan, which was rather disappointing. I was really hoping for it to show up true to pan. You can achieve the true-to-pan color if you use it over a cream shadow (I use the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Caramel Cool). It had a softer texture than the others, and kicked up some dust when I dipped a brush in the pan. Tapping the excess off my brush minimized any fallout.

Firm is a medium shimmery warm golden bronze with gold shimmer. It's close to my skintone and makes for a great fuss-free, single-shadow look.

Flirty is a shimmery, mauve-pink with gold shimmer. This was such a disappointing shade; despite it looking so wonderful in the pan, I had a hard time having this show up on my lid. Despite it swatching beautifully on my arm, it looked more golden than mauve on my lid. Again, I had to use a Maybelline Color Tattoo to get it to show up true to pan color on my lids. I was also concerned about fallout because of the shimmer in it.

Fit is a shimmery rose-copper with copper shimmer. This is a beautiful shade, and one of my favorites from the palette. The texture is softer than the other shadows, so when you dip your brush into the pan it kicks up some dust, but if you tap the excess off your brush before applying there's no fallout.

Feisty is a matte medium pink-brown. This was so close to my skin tone that the only reason it shows up in the swatches is because of the pink in it. It makes a great transition shade.

Friendly is a matte blackened plum-purple. This applied patchy in swatches, although it performed better on the lid. It also was less pigmented than the other shades, which was disappointing, but it could be built up to desired opacity.

Fierce is a deep charcoal gray with silver shimmer in it. This was another shade where I was concerned about the fallout, primarily because of the shimmer. The shimmer tends to disappear during blending, and so I wasn't able to test for any fallout over the course of wear time.

Funny is a satin red-brown rust. This is one of my favorite shades in the palette, and it makes for a great smokey eye.

Fine is a matte deep warm-toned brown. It applied patchily during swatching, but applied better on the lid. The pigmentation seemed to be lower than the other shades when I was swatching it, but it applied with excellent pigmentation on the lids.

Similar to the Nude 'Tude, the shadows were (mostly) all soft in texture (with the exception being Friendly). They also all had excellent pigmentation, with again the exception being Friendly. Dipping your brush in these shadows does kick up some dust, so make sure you tap off any excess before application! They apply smoothly and blend easily - the only one I had any issues with was Friendly, and it performed better than average on a whole, so I'm not too unhappy. It also lasted a solid nine hours on me over primer without any signs of fading, which is impressive!

My only gripe with the shadows is that some of them don't swatch/show up true to pan color. Faithful and Flirty were disappointing in this regard, because they are beautiful in the pan. While they are pigmented, and apply and blend easily, I was just let down because I expected them to show up as they appear in the pan, which they don't. Still, despite that they are lovely shades.

Here's how the shadows look on me:

This is another great palette - its got some lovely shades, and I wouldn't necessarily call it your typical neutral palette. I'd say it's a little bit reminiscent of the Naked 1 and 3 palette - kind of something you would get if you mixed both? So if you're looking for a neutral palette which isn't necessarily typical, this might be for you.

BGMM Rating: B+/A-

P.S - I will be doing a comparison of the Nude 'Tude and the Nude Dude in the next post, so if you want to know if they overlap, keep your eye out for that!


  1. Awwh man! I didn't even know this existed, but I love it and I want it! AAAHHH. And that lipstick is dabomb on you!

    1. Thank you! It's a really nice palette, and if you don't like the shimmery-ness of the UD ones, this is a good alternative. And the lipstick is just a lipliner, haha.

  2. That Fit shade is to die for! gorgeous rose gold!! which lipstick are you wearing here?

    1. It's a gorgeous shade! I'm wearing NYX lipliner in Earth Tone and Colourpop lipstick in Ace :)