Wednesday, July 29, 2015

MAC The Matte Lip Review - Part Two: Kinda Sexy + Velvet Teddy

I'm not going to give too much of an introduction to the MAC The Matte Lip collection since I spoke about them enough in the Part One post.

Today I'm talking about two nude shades that I picked up from this collection. I have to admit these were 'inspired' buys - I'd heard Shrutilaya talk (okay, rave) about Velvet Teddy and so of course I had to get it. And one of my favorite Youtubers, Sharon lists Kinda Sexy as something she adores, so yeah, I had to try that too.

Kinda Sexy and Velvet Teddy is a study of how undertones in a makeup product really matter. You'll see what I mean later in the review - the differences are slight, but quite noticeable, even to my untrained eye.

The packaging is typical MAC lipstick packaging - nothing new here. Same standard black metallic bullet-shaped tube with a silver MAC logo engraved on it.

Can you tell which lipstick is which shade? They look awfully similar, don't they? On first glance, it almost seems like I've bought the same lipstick twice... so let's take a closer look.
Can you make out a difference now? I re-took these pictures so many times to make sure I was capturing them true to color. I thought I'd gone made when I saw these pictures, but when I compared them to the bullet they seemed accurate.

So, let's talk about the shades.
Kinda Sexy is a peach-toned nude shade.
Velvet Teddy is a brown-toned nude shade.

These mattes lipsticks really glide on the lips smoothly! I keep expecting them to tug, or pull at my lips but no such thing. They do emphasize dry patches on the lips, so make sure you exfoliate your lips before application.

I mentioned this in the part one review, but I do feel like none of these are fully opaque in the first swipe. They are very pigmented, and maybe about 90% opaque, but I had to swipe the lipstick 2- times on my lips to get the desired finish. This isn't an issue to me (in retrospect I do that to most of my pigmented lipsticks) - but it's something I have to mention.

These start off as a demi-matte finish, but they settle down to a matte finish which is comfortable. I don't feel like they dry out my lips, but they aren't moisturizing either. Wear time was 4 hours on these, which is respectable, but they don't leave a stain behind.
I think this picture shows the difference between the two lipsticks! You can see that they are very similar, but it's the undertone that makes the difference.

The difference between the two can also be seem (to a better effect) on me:
Notice how Kinda Sexy makes me look a little bit dead, when used without lipliner? I can make it work with a lip liner (ha, I spelt it wrong in the pictures, what's wrong with me!). I used the NYX lip liner in Earth Tone as it's a great neutral shade for me.
Now look at Velvet Teddy. It looks so much better, even though the difference is so slight. This looks the same with or without liner, and I think this nude shade is the right one for me.

The bottom line is, both are some good nude options for brown skins... that being said, I would highly recommend Velvet Teddy as a nude shade. It suits all kinds of smokey eyes, as well as working well on it's own. I do like Kinda Sexy, but as you can see I have to make it work with a lipliner. I do think it looks great with a black smokey eye though!

I think I came out of this with two lessons - one, that brown-toned nudes suit me the best; and two, a brown-toned lip liner is invaluable!

P.S - In the pictures above (of the lipsticks), Kinda Sexy is on the left and Velvet Teddy is on the right :)

BGMM Rating: Kinda Sexy - B+
                      Velvet Teddy - A


  1. They look totally different and it was absolutely justified to buy them both. My husband would disagree, but what does he know?

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I think my husband is the same, haha.

  2. I think I need to restock on Velvet Teddy after this! Lookin' fab, as always!

    1. I can't believe I waited so long to get it!

  3. Velvet Teddy is perfect nude shade for me..totally gorgeous on you!