Monday, July 20, 2015

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows Review (Limited Edition Summer 2015)

You know the usual spiel - ColourPop came out with some new shades for summer. At first, I resisted. "No" I said, "I don't need them". Next thing you know I ordered four of them! (You'll see why). I meant to review them, "Immediately". I even took pictures and everything!

I meant to have this review up, like, two weeks ago. And then I don't know what happened. I was worried that they were no longer available, but upon checking the website, I discovered they still are available, so yay! All hope is not lost.

So that being said, let's talk about ColourPop Summer 2015 eyeshadows!

They're all housed in a white plastic pot with a clear, see-though lid. While I like the packaging, and understand that this is the best way to store the product (or else it'll dry out) you can't depot it to save space, so if you have several of them, storing them might become an issue (totally speaking from personal experience here, if you can tell...)

These summer shades are all warm toned, lots of neutrals and shimmers here. The quilted pattern on the shadow is only there as long as it's pristine - use the shadow once and the pattern disappears. I've mentioned this in my Spring 2015 shadow review, the eyeshadows are a different formula - a creamy, spongy feeling product that nevertheless applies on the lids like a powder. It's worth noting that you get the best payoff with fingers! Using a flat shader brush won't give you the same finish. (This becomes an issue if you want to use two or more of these shadows in a look.)

The shades I have are:
Flipper - a shimmery, orange-y gold with gold flecks. Perfect as an all-over lid shade. The gold flecks have some fallout during wear, but nothing too drastic when paired with a primer.
Plunge - a satin-y warm-toned golden beige with a sheen finish. This is a great highlighter shade, but I find it's a little too stark to be used all over the lid.
Shark Attack is a warm-toned pink-y coral with a sheen finish. This is a great shade for a single shadow look, and the coral finish looks wonderful on tanned skin. It also makes a good blush!
Nillionaire is a warm-toned golden bronze-brown with gold and copper flecks. This shade is amazeballs, but there is some fallout during wear. But it's such a gorgeous shade, perfect not just for summer but for any time of the year, really - especially if you're deeper skinned, the sparkles just make your eyes look brighter!

Look at how gorgeous all the shades are! Here's another picture (slightly blurry) to show the glitter in Flipper and Nillionaire better:

See how shiny they are! They're gorgeous!

For their first birthday, ColourPop had an offer where you received a (free) limited edition Super Shock shadow called Birthday Girl. I wanted to see how it compared to the other summer shades, so I swatched it along with Plunge and Nillionaire.

As you can see it's nowhere close to Nillionaire, but it's pretty similar to Plunge, only shinier. So if you wanted that limited edition shade but weren't able to get hold of it, get Plunge instead!

All of these had a nice, smooth application, but I did feel as though Plunge felt slightly more "wet" than the others. Payoff was good for all of them (applied with a finger, of course). You can use a flat synthetic shader brush for application, but keep in mind that you'll have to build up the color that way - the brush doesn't seem to pick up much color.
I had 8 hours of wear time on all of the shades with faint fading. There was very minor fallout from Flipper, and a little more from Nillionaire, but nothing noticeable (unless someone was mere inches away form your face).

If you are looking to get something from the summer shades, I would recommend Nillionaire and Shark Attack. They are gorgeous and beautiful, and very flattering!

BGMM Rating: Flipper - B+
                      Plunge - A
                      Shark Attack - A
                      Nillionaire - B+


  1. All of them are so pretty..especially Nillionaire! its freaking stunning!

    1. Nillionaire is just amazing. Even though it has some fallout I can't bring myself to feel remotely negative about it!

  2. Replies
    1. Shark Attack is really pretty. I like that it can work as a blush, too :)