Monday, July 6, 2015

ColourPop Mondays In Malibu Super Shock Shadow Set Review

Phew! This review has finally made it to the blog. I've been meaning to put this up for quite some time now, but life happened. And by that I mean my mom was here visiting me (woohoo!) and as every Indian kid can attest, when your mom is around you get all the good food. Seriously! Mr. BGMM loves my mom because he gets so spoiled with all the yummy food he got when she was here. It's also been so wonderful spending time with her, I miss her so much when she's not around.

Anyway, moving on to the review - I spoke about the Sundays In Silverlake set last (review here if you missed it) and I was left feeling slightly underwhelmed. I'm glad to report that this set I had a lot more affection for!

This set is still available on the ColourPop website, so you can still get hold of it if you want to!

The print on the box is exactly like the one on the Sundays in Silverlake set (the only difference is that the back of the box has the name of the set on it). As I mentioned in previous review, I like the box, and I've kept it in order to try and re-purpose it.

The set comes with six of the Super Shock shadows. All the shades in this kit are exclusive and limited edition, and cannot be purchased individually.

The shades in this set are:
- Sand Swoon (Satin Luxe)
- Hot Tamale (Satin Luxe)
- Gecko (Pearlized)
- Prickly Pear (Metallic) (I love this name for some reason!)
- Snakebite (Ultra Metallic)
- Mirage (Pearlized)

Sand Swoon is a neutral light peach-tinged pink with a satin finish. It has some light silver shimmer interspersed through it (it's supposed to have gold sparkles, but they definitely show up silver on my skin for some reason?)

Hot Tamale is a warm toned deep reddish brown with copper and gold sparkles. Despite it being labelled as a satin finish, it's more of a shimmery finish.

Gecko is a silver-y white shade with a pink and green duochrome. It's a really pretty shade, and unfortunately my swatches do the duochrome no justice. It is so much prettier in person. I've found it to be a great shade to use in the inner corner of the eye - the duochrome nature makes for a very unique, subtly flashy look.

Prickly Pear is a warm pink-y plum shade in a metallic finish. It has a healthy dose of shimmer (I can see some gold and pink shimmer. It's a gorgeous shade, especially when worn on it's own. The only flipside is that it had a little fallout over time, but this was minimal when used with a primer.

Snakebite is a warm, golden-copper shade with an intense metallic finish. It has an almost foiled effect when worn on the eye, and is another great shade for single-shadow looks.

Mirage is a warm, golden khaki shade with a golden sheen. This is one of my favorite shades from this set (along with Prickly Pear and Snakebite). The finish is beautiful but unlike Gecko (the other Pearlized shadow in the set) there is no duochrome here.

Application on all of them was incredibly easy. I apply these shadows with my finger and blend them out with a brush (I use a Real Techniques Base Shadow brush - the one that comes in the starter set - to blend) and I have no issues. I find the payoff isn't as good when you use a brush as you get when you use fingers, FYI.

They wear a solid eight hours on me with no creasing. I wear these over primer, as I do with any eyeshadow, because I have very oily lids and nothing remains crease-free on my lids. If you have normal lids than I'm sure you can skip the primer and still get similar results.

I was surprised by Sand Swoon because, despite it being a rather pastel-y shade, it looked great on me, especially when paired with a matte brown in the crease. Pastels, especially light pinks, rarely suit me so this came as a pleasant surprise. I did have a little fallout from Prickly Pear and Hot Tamale because they're so loaded with shimmer. I'm not sure how they would work over a primer designed for glitter (like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy or Sephora's Glitter Primer) but I would think they would perform better.

As a set, I think these are some beautiful shades. If you're looking at them as a set, designed to be used with each other, they fall a little flat. Most of the shades have some sheen or shimmer to them, so it's hard to use them together - you'd need a few matte shades. However, as stand alone shadows, they work excellently for single shadow looks. I've been wearing these, one at a time, the past week and they give me a very pulled-together eye look, despite using just one shadow. I have to give props to Hot Tamale - it's amazing for a warm brown smoky eye, so beautiful!

I think this is definitely a set for warmer skin tones, and I think all of them will look lovely on deeper skin tones. They perform very well, and the shade selection is perfect for summer.

I'm a huge fan of this set. If the shades appeal to you, I'd encourage you to get the set! I don't think you'd be disappointed.

BGMM Rating:  Sand Swoon - B+
                       Hot Tamale - A
                       Gecko - A
                       Prickly Pear - A-
                       Snakebite - A+
                       Mirage - A+

                      Mondays in Malibu Set Rating: A


  1. I was just wondering what happened to your posts! I'm just making this huge Sephora order for my kit and trying to see if I can sneak in some colourpop, heh. And holy snakebite!

    1. Haha when mom's around I maximize my time with her. So much fun and so much food! :D And YES to Colourpop - I'd recommend the shadows, blushes and highlighters; lipsticks are nice, but I think you may have the shades in your kit already :)

  2. the shades look gorgeous...i have not ordered anything from colorpop till now but i think i should now!