Friday, June 12, 2015

Vicco Turmeric Cream Review

I have a confession to make. It's a rather embarrassing one, so I hope you won't judge me too harshly.

I'm guilty of looking outside, never inside.

This applies to a lot of areas of my life. I compare myself to others. I an guilty of (sometimes) being envious of other people's good luck. And, as it pertains to beauty and makeup, I'm guilty of looking at the "Western" brands instead of investigating products that come from my homeland of India.

What a big, big mistake. Big. Huge!

I've been testing out a product I bought during my trip to India last year. Actually, "test" isn't the right word. It's become a daily staple, something I never not use.

What am I talking about? It's this product, right here.

If you can get past the packaging (I could do without the face smiling back at me kthxbai) this is a wonderful product. It's primarily turmeric and sandalwood oil. It's packaged in a squeeze tube with a screw-on lid. It's very durable, and travels well without leaking.

The ingredients include Turmeric at a concentration of 16% w/w (stands for weight by weight, which means for every 100g of product there are 16g of turmeric). There's also 0.5% w/w of Sandalwood oil, and both are suspended in a "non-greasy base" which is made from beeswax.

Now, turmeric is an amazing product. It's primary active compound is curcumin. This is a diarylheptanoid, which is a natural phenol. It contributes to the color of turmeric, but more than that, it helps in several diseases such as kidney and cardiovascular diseases, multiple types of cancer, arthritis, diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome. Fun fact: curcumin is known to bind to amyloid proteins (that are produced in Alzheimer's disease) in the eye, and this is opening up the possibility that simple eye exams could be an early detector for the disease. In addition, turmeric also contains several compounds that are antibacterial and antifungal in nature.

Sandalwood oil, in traditional Ayurveda, was used to treat somatic and mental disorders. Inhalation of sandalwood oil has been found to increase alertness, calmness, attentiveness, relaxation and vigor.

Now, turmeric is known to stain skin, especially if you're on the fair side. Never fear! The turmeric in this product doesn't stain, and doesn't leave a yellow cast behind.

The cream is light golden yellow and quite thick. For it's thickness, it spreads out surprisingly easily, and is absorbed quickly by the skin. It doesn't leave a cast behind. 

When you first apply it, it feels quite cooling. There's something very pleasant about the texture of this product, and I love the scent! (My husband does too) The best part is that it settles down to a matte finish - and here's the cherry on top - it leaves my face glowing. I don't know how it does this, but there's a glow to my face that isn't due to oil, or highlighter, it's just my face, but brighter and better.

I've also noticed this controls oil. My skin doesn't get as oily as it does, especially now that it's summer in Texas (I do produce some oil, but not as much as I typically do). It also works great under foundation, and also seems to serve as a primer of some sort (it doesn't extend the wear of my foundation but it does leave me matte longer than usual).

I've been using this tube twice a day for about four months now. I need to point out this is my second tube - yes, I, queen of fickleness, actually bought the same thing twice in a row. It's that good. On my recent 'yay we graduated' trip, this was the one thing that saved me from breaking out. It also helped with a lot of bug bites!

I can't believe I didn't try it sooner. I should have listened to my parents before! Oh well, I'll just have to bear with their "I-told-you-so's" for now.

I'm rather hesitant to recommend skincare products, but I think this is great, and I can see this working on different skin types. Give it a shot!

BGMM Rating: A+

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  1. I have used this for yrs all through out my college n masters n did really like it :) on my skin it used to leave behind mild yellow as odd it may sound it used to cling to dry patches :( wasnt moisturizing enough