Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ColourPop Sundays In Silverlake Lippie Stix Set Review

For summer 2015, ColourPop came out with a few limited edition Super Shock eyeshadows and Lippie Stix, along with some sets.

There was an issue with the post office and I ended up getting my order later than expected. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to review it in time, but I can see this set is still available online.

The ColourPop Sundays In Silverlake is a collection of six, new, limited edition Lippie Stix shades (all shades exclusive to this set). It features a variety of shades and finishes.

They come in a white box with a very tropical print on top. I like the box, it's really pretty and sturdy (I've kept the box, I'm trying to find another use for it!)

The shades in the set are:
- Ace (cream finish)
- Parker (matte finish)
- Thirsty (satin finish)
- Chella (cream finish)
- Pasties (hyper glossy finish)
- Cougar (matte finish)

Ace is light, warm-toned peachy pink. I found this to be too light for me on it's own, but with a lipliner or a lipgloss on top, it works fine. It'll also work with a serious smokey eye!

 Parker is a warm toned brownish nude. This is the perfect shade for me, a great everyday shade.

Thirsty is a mauve-y pink with berry tones. It's such a pretty shade and it's another wonderful shade for everyday.

Chella is a warm toned peachy coral. This reminds me of MAC's Crosswires lipstick and is a great summer shade.

Pasties is a cool toned magenta. Can I say I love this shade? The glossy finish is so lovely! And the shade itself is so pretty.

Cougar is a warm toned strawberry red. This is what I imagine MAC's Russian Red looks like (I can't say for sure since I don't have the shade). It's a really fun color, very reminiscent of summer!

Application varies on these. I found that Ace went on a little streaky, but it could be because of the lightness of the shade. The rest I had no issues with application. The two mattes, Cougar and Parker seemed to slightly emphasize my lip lines, but I find that all matte lipsticks tend to do that on me. Pasties was surprisingly good, despite being a hyperglossy finish it did not slide around my lips. Chella was a little finicky, like Ace - it seemed a little too creamy for me, and I had to pat the color down with a finger to get it to apply evenly. I had no issues with Thirsty.

Wear time was also something that varied. I had the shortest wear time - 3 hours - from Ace and Chella, and neither of them left a stain behind. They were comfortable to wear though, and did not dry out my lips. Pasties lasted longer, 4 hours, and left a light stain behind. It wore off evenly and faded out uniformly. This was also a comfortable shade to wear, but wasn't moisturizing, which I expected it to be, given the finish. Thirsty also lasted 4 hours and left a stain behind, while Parker lasted the same amount of time but did not leave a stain behind. Thirsty was comfortable to wear, but was not moisturizing. Parker didn't dry my lips out, despite being a matte, but I'd recommend treating your lips before since it had a tendency to catch on dry patches on the lips. Cougar had the longest wear time of them all, lasting 5 hours on me, and it left a stain behind. Similar to Parker, it didn't dry my lips out but I'd recommend prepping your lips before application.

Here's how they all look on me:

What do I think of this set? I think it's a well done set - you have a variety of shades, and a variety of finishes. Personally, I find that the cream finish of these lipsticks (Ace and Chella) are more slippery and creamy than other cream lipsticks they've done before (case in point being the Lippie Stix found in the In Bloom set, which were great). I'm not too impressed with the formula of Ace and Chella, but that's a personal preference.

I think Parker is a great shade, especially on brown girls - I can see this being a fuss-free, everyday shade. Thirsty is also a great color, and I like the formula on this. Pasties is such a fun shade, and I was surprised I enjoyed the formula as much as I did. Cougar is another wonderful shade.

Would I recommend this set? It depends. I think they have some fun shades, great for summer. If you're new to makeup and looking to expand your lip collection, this set makes sense, and is a good price ($30 for a set of six). Personally, I'm glad I have this, mainly for Parker, Thirsty, Pasties and Cougar. I might give Chella and Ace away to someone who enjoys the formula more than I do.

BGMM Rating:   Ace - C+
                        Parker - A-
                        Thirsty - A
                        Chella - B
                        Pasties - B+
                        Cougar - A-
                        Sundays In Silverlake Set Rating: B


  1. I think I'm in love with parker! :o

    1. Parker is a gorgeous shade. I'm so in love!

  2. i loved cougar...that is just gorgeous!

    1. Cougar is lovely! Perfect for summer, too.

  3. I am loving Thirsty, pasties and cougar a lot! perfect for this time of the year..cougar looks similar to D for dangerous/all fired up

    1. I didn't expect to love Pasties as much as I do... it's like the perfect pink-purple!

  4. Cougar looks great on you!

    1. Thanks! I have this feeling it's somewhat similar to shades I already have, but we shall see..