Monday, June 1, 2015

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Palette Swatches + Mini Review

When I first got into makeup, it took a while to figure out what shades work for me and what don't. I wanted to try out a bunch of shades, but I also didn't want to dry out my bank balance... enter Coastal Scents Hot Pots. Coastal Scents is sort-of famous for their huge palettes (the ones with 88 or 120 shadows) and while I'm not a huge fan of the pre-made palettes, I am quite a fan of their Hot Pots (single shadows).

I got all my Hot Pots during one of their sales where each was 99 cents. Since Coastal Scents is having one of their Hot Pot sales at the moment (running till 5th June 2015) I thought it would be a good time to swatch and talk about the ones I do have!

Keep in mind I've had mine for quite some time now, and my palette looks quite beat up from repeated use :)

I picked out mostly warm shades, and there's a mix of satin, shimmer and a few mattes. I'll go over the shades row by row. Bear in mind that all swatches have been done on bare skin (no primer) and are a single pass.

First Row

Reef Sand is a lovely satin cream that makes a gorgeous highlight. It's quite pigmented, and isn't powdery in texture. Nude is a shimmery off-white. It's not as pigmented as Reef Sand, and it also isn't powdery. Canary Diamond is a lovely light-yellow gold (if you Google "canary diamond" it's pretty much the exact shade of this shadow!). It's reasonably pigmented, and not powdery. Venetian Gold is a shimmery yellow gold with a bronze-y tone. It's very pigmented, and not powdery at all. Seaside Bronze is a slightly deeper version of Venetian Gold, and it has more of a shimmery effect than Venetian Gold. It's also very pigmented, but is a little powdery. Sun Worshipper is a lovely shimmery tawny brown. Pigmentation is good, and I don't find it to be powdery. HP-ME26 (current name unknown) is a lovely shimmery marigold-carrot shade. It's a little less pigmented than the others, and it's also quite powdery.

Second Row

Golden Sienna is an interesting shade, it applies deeper on skin than it appears in the pan. It's a shimmery warm toned bronze, very pigmented and not powdery at all. Tuscan Terra Cotta is a matte peach-y apricot shade. It's reasonably pigmented, and mildly powdery. Caramel is a shimmery light tangerine shade. You can see that it's rather powdery, but it's reasonably pigmented. Bahama Mama is a shimmery yellow corn gold shade. It's very pigmented and not powdery at all. Cinnamon Stone is a matte rosewood. It's reasonably pigmented and mildly powdery. B10 (current shade name unknown) is a matte pink-coral with flecks of gold glitter. It's reasonably pigmented, but the glitter doesn't show up very well, and tends to vanish during blending. It's also mildly powdery in texture. Caramelized is a lovely light amber brown with wonderful pigmentation and no powder-iness.

Third Row

Now we come to my favorite row! Camel Taupe is a matte cedar brown, reasonably pigmented with minimal powderiness. Sundried is a beautiful shimmer rose shade. It's a little powdery, but the pigmentation is great. Burnished Wine is a shimmery burgundy-brown, with excellent pigmentation and minimal powderiness. Amaretto is a shimmery walnut-bronze brown, wonderfully pigmented but a little powdery in texture. Pure Bronze is a shimmer golden bronze, highly pigmented. It's not very powdery (hardly so, in fact). Kodiak is a seaweed-olive-y green, with great pigmentation, and minimal powderiness. Boca Mocha is a deep mocha brown with a shimmery finish. Similar to Kodiak, the pigmentation is great and it's not powdery.

Fourth Row

Amber Bronze is a shimmery wood-brown. Pigmentation is good, but not as good as some of the others (like Caramelized, Burnished Wine, etc). It's not powdery. Earth Rose is a matte deep rosewood shade. It's reasonably pigmented, and has a little bit of a powdery texture. Chai Spice is a gorgeous shimmery warm toned bronze - it's very aptly named! It has excellent pigmentation and isn't powdery in the least. Spiceberry is a mid-toned shimmery pink, with decent pigmentation and a somewhat powdery texture. Dark Chocolate is an deep cool-toned greyish taupe. Pigmentation was decent, and it had minimal powderiness. Chocolate Berry is a shimmey eggplant-purple with a brown undertone. It was reasonably pigmented and had mild powdery texture. Blackberry is a matte blackened plum with a powdery texture. Pigmentation was decent.

With Coastal Scents shadows I've found that the shimmery shades are better pigmented, and have a better texture, than the matte shades. The matte shades tend to be very hit and miss. Most of them are surprisingly well pigmented, and they perform better over primer - and also last a good amount of time.

I think these shadows are a great way to figure out what shades work for you, and also a way to try out shades that you know you won't use on a regular basis. For the price, the quality is surprisingly high.

P.S - the palette I store them in is also from Coastal Scents and is pretty sturdy! It doesn't come with a mirror, but I do know it can fit MAC eyeshadow pans, Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans and of course the Coastal Scents Hot Pots.

P.P.S - Coastal Scents ships worldwide!

I can't give each shade a rating, so I'll be rating (on average) the palette that I have.

BGMM Rating (on average): B


  1. I started out with a similar palette by Zoeva, to give myself some variety without breaking the bank. My sister inherited it and is very happy now.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I've heard a lot of good things about Zoeva eyeshadows! I'd really like to try one of their palettes some day.

  2. Loving the third row..some stunning shades there! especially love the look of amaretto and sundried!

    1. They really are pretty! I also love Kodiak, it's a really pretty green that looks great on my dark brown/black eyes :)

  3. i've never heard of these but you have so many nice shades!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. They are quite affordable and have some great shades! Will you be trying them out?

  4. I have never considered giving Costal Scents a go! But the colours you have are making very very curiousss...