Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sephora Extraordinary Rewards Points Perk - FAIL

If you're like me, and fairly into makeup, you tend to shop a lot. You also tend to end up at Sephora, because you (mistakenly) thought, "Well hey! They have a good assortment of brands here, and they have an interesting rewards program" (in bold because it's such, such a lie).

As a result, you tend to accumulate points. And since most of their "point perks" tend to be rather crappy small and "interesting", when you get an email with a promotion like the one below, you tend to get excited.

The email was quite vague and didn't mention exactly what the perks were, or when they would be released, but looking at the image, I was excited. FINALLY, REWARDS THAT WERE WORTH IT! I cannot explain how excited I was. The email mentioned that there would be another email sent out on the release date, letting everyone know when you could redeem your points. Cool, right? I mean, a Kat Von D set with the Shade and Sculpt palette, matching brush, a lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.. in an autographed case.. and all full sizes? ALL OVER THAT. Not to mention the Urban Decay Vault!

So all I had to do was wait for the email. right?


IT NEVER CAME. That's right, I never got the email (as of 1pm CST I still don't have the email, although there are reports that others have gotten the email, to no avail). Last night at 4am, Sephora rolled out their Extraordinary Rewards without letting anyone know. The few people who were awake quickly snatched up what was available (from what I can gather from posts on their FB page, some people were able to get multiples of some sets). Canadian customers were barred from redeeming their points for the sets, despite Sephora stating that the rewards were for US and Canadian customers. People (like me) who woke up at a "regular" hour logged online only to find forums raging about the fact that these rewards were already sold out, without even having had a chance to at least TRY for them.

I called up the Sephora hotline several times and each time was given different information. First, I was told that the rewards would be re-released in an hour (surprise, they weren't). Then I was told that the emails were in fact sent out, and Customer Service implied it was my fault for not checking my email (I checked. It wasn't there, or in my Spam folder. I was asked to check my spam folder. They offered to check if I was, in fact, subscribed (I was). Then I was told that they would call me back after they had spoken to management (after noting which of the sets I had wanted to redeem my points for). That call never came. Some people who called the hotline were offered extra points; I was not. At one point of time, I was hung up on!

Yet again, Sephora has made a complete, total and utter mess of its rewards program. They have consistently demonstrated a lack of concern for customers, especially the Rouge and VIB (the so-called "exclusive" and "top of the top") customers. Once again, they have demonstrated that it simply does not pay to be a loyal Sephora customer.

As of this time, the only thing that's available on the Sephora website is the following image, and a 1000-point Josie Maran perk featuring a cookbook (because, of course, makeup shoppers want something that has nothing to do with makeup) and mini sizes of some of her skin care products.

I'm waiting for Sephora to apologize to all their customers, and to possible offer a token of appreciation  to everyone, for remaining a customer despite the numerous times they've been screwing up their rewards program.

For my part, I'm going to be looking at other retailers, and their loyalty programs. I'm more impressed with Ulta's reward program, and I've heard good things about Nordstrom, too.

But if Sephora wants my business, they better do something about this mess.

Update: After calling the CS hotline again, I've been informed that they're trying to figure out what happened. I've also been told that all the rewards are OOS, and that there might be more of the mega point rewards in the future.

The image for the mega point perks has also been taken down from the website, there's no mention of it at all.

There has been some talk on various forums over some people being awarded points, while others haven't. That needs to be rectified (although, come on Sephora, give us more opportunities to SPEND our points instead of giving us more!)

The Sephora FB page has lots of complaints from customers, and a DISTINCT lack of response from the company. This is unbelievably disappointint. Instead of addressing the issue (even with a generic "we're looking into the issue" statement) they're instead posting about new, 100-point perks and other fluffy things.

On a final note, while this is an upsetting issue, there's no reason to yell at or rude to the customer service reps. They're people too!


  1. I just want to spend my points on something, dammit!

    1. You and me both. I still don't understand why they're giving out points (to some of their customers only, mind you) when clearly everyone's mad because they want to *spend* their points on something...

  2. I started losing hope about the Extraordinary Rewards last night when I kept seeing people on the Sephora forums saying that they had received different/conflicting info from Sephora reps. I'm glad I ended up choosing sleep instead of trying to navigate that mess. I don't understand why these rewards have to be so "selective" if they only offer them once a year anyway. Why not, once a year, offer these big ticket items with enough for more people to get them?! Sure, it's not the MOST profitable, but it really doesn't hurt their bottom line. I just feel bad for all the CS reps at Sephora who are having to deal with this. Nobody wins in this situation. :/

    1. I think what bugs me more is that they have a lot of the products offered as part of their rewards on the website still - even things like the UD vault. Why not offer those as rewards, too? I really am not concerned with autographs and signatures, I'm far more concerned about the product I'm getting. It's all really frustrating, and it's a shame that the marketing people get to hide behind the poor CS reps.