Monday, May 18, 2015

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara Review

I was never someone who was super into brows. I mean, I knew I had decent enough brows, and aside from getting them threaded once in a while/tweezing strays and stragglers, I never much bothered.

All that changed, though. I'm not sure when it did, but one day I "filled in" my brows with a dark brown shadow and... I was mesmerized. They looked so wonderful! I looked so different!

Fast forward to today, where I can no longer do without a brow product. How times change. Still, for the most part I look forward to a fuss-free product, and this just so happens to be one of my favorites.

If you've noticed, my tube looks rather battered, doesn't it? That attests to just how much I've used it, haha.

First things first - the name. Despite the label of "Sculpting Brow Mascara", this doesn't built up brows. You can't use it to fill in any sparse areas of your brow, or to give it a defined shape. This is essentially tinted brow gel. It's good for tinting your brows (and making them a wee bit thicker) and holding them in place, so if you're looking for something that will give you actual thick, defined, sculpted brows, sorry! Won't find that here.

The packaging is fairly standard - looks like just another regular mascara tube. It's pretty sturdy too - I've dropped mine hundreds of times, had it stashed with the rest of my makeup in my travel kit, but it just hold strong. 

The wand itself is rather oddly shaped. It reminds me of an ancient mace (you know, the club-like weapon used in times of yore?). I was so apprehensive about this at first, I didn't see how it would work at all, but surprisingly it works rather well! I'm able to use it on my brows without any product being deposited in unwanted places, and it brushes the product through my brow hairs well. As a matter of fact, this brush is far smaller than the brush that comes with the Anastasia Beverly Hills tinted brow gel!

The formula itself is kind of strange - rather like a liquid-y mousse, if I had to describe it. When you first apply it out of the tube, it looks a rather strange grey-brown (see the bottom swatches on the picture above). After a minute or so, it "oxidizes" into a warmer, dark brown shade (see top swatches on the picture above) which is perfect for my brows.

Top: Without Maybelline Brow drama; Bottom - With Maybelline Brow Drama
From the picture above, this gives a very natural finish to your brows. It works best if you already have good brows, and you just want a product to hold your brows in place while adding a hint of color.

As a tinted brow gel, it is really effective. It lasts a good 8 hours on me (despite my oily skin) but it's really easy to wash off. It does what I need it to do on a daily basis, and is easy to use. Furthermore, I can use it along with other products - I can use this to hold my brows in place after using brow powder, or a prow pomade, for example, and it's still effective.

The only negative thing I'd have to say about this product is that the want could have been made smaller, because it does pick up a lot of product. The stopper in the tube isn't great at taking off excess product, but I'm not sure if that's the wands fault or if I got a defective tube.

I'm especially impressed with how cost-effective it is compared to the Anastasia version, and I feel it does a good job too. If you're looking for a low-maintenance brow product, or a cost-effective brow gel, I'd give this a shot!

BGMM Rating: A


  1. I used to do a full face of makeup and not do my brows. I don't know how people didn't tell me about brows...