Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ColourPop Lippie Stix Westie Review (Limited Edition Spring 2015)

I've already reviewed the rest of the ColourPop spring shades here, but as I mentioned there, I mistakenly ordered Pepper instead of Westie.

I wasn't actually going to get Westie, but then I placed an order for the In Bloom set (review coming soon!) and thought "why not?" and tacked on Westie.

I'm not going to talk much about the packaging - I've already waxed lyrical in the other post! - but they're sturdy, and chic in their own way. The bottom of the package and the inside of the package correspond to the color of the actual lipstick.

Westie is a beige-y toned light dusty pink. It's supposed to be a matte finish, but I would definitely classify it as more of a demi-matte, there's definitely a little bit of a sheen.

Westie is... an interesting shade. The first time I wore it, I didn't like it at all. I thought it was too cool-toned for me, and looked very harsh against my skin. Here's what I mean:

Surprisingly, a couple of days later I tried it again. This time, I kept my eyeshadow and blush cool-toned, and lined my lips with a lipliner the same shade as my lips. When I wore Westie this way, it looked quite natural and fresh, and not harsh at all!

And there, I think, lies the mysterious nature of Westie. If you're warm toned and brown, skip the warm, bronze-y shades, and go for cool-toned shadows and blushes. It's also a great shade to sport with smokey eyes. If you do that, it's a nice shade to have in your collection.

As for longevity, it wore for 3 hours without a meal, and left no stain behind. It doesn't last through a meal at all - it didn't make it through two cups of coffee either. It did fade evenly though, and reapplication wasn't an issue. Similar to Tootsie and Pepper, it dragged a wee bit on the lips, and tended to emphasize the dry regions on the lips. It didn't dry out my lips, nor did it feel uncomfortable while it was on my lips, so that's definitely a plus.

To summarize, I thought Westie was an interesting shade, and it definitely is. It's one of those shades where what you wear it with matters - undertone wise. I think it could be a dupe for the Urban Decy Revolution lipstick in Fiend, but I don't have that shade so I can't compare.

I like Westie, and I'm glad I have it; I'm willing to work with it to make it work (wow, did that sentence make sense? I hope so!). Whether you want it or not will depend on whether you don't mind doing a little bit more... adjustment. It's a pretty shade, don't get me wrong, just a little fussy!

BGMM Rating: B+


  1. With lip liner it looks gorgeous! btw which lip liner did you use to line your lips?

    1. Thanks! I used the NYX lipliner in Earth Tone, it works really well for me :)