Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad in 02 Over Rose Review

Back in December, I was in London with the mister, and of course could not resist the chance to pick up a few goodies. A trip to Boots and I had my hands full of Bourjois products (literally).

Me being me, promptly started using them, forgetting to blog about it (I mean to!) and as I was clearing out some stuff a couple of weeks ago re-discovered them and that's when the face-palming began...

Anyhow! No harm, no foul since this is a permanent product. Let me draw your attention to the quad in question:

Starting with the matter of packaging - it's your standard plastic compact, rather flimsy in nature (it feels like it could get broken pretty easily, so handle with some care!). It also includes a dual-ended sponge tip applicator that is actually kinda useful - more on that later. The color of the plastic exterior coincides with the general theme of the quad - since this is called Over Rose, the plastic is pink-ish in nature. Which definitely does help with identifying the quad (should you have multiples of it).

Once open, you'll notice the four shadow pans aren't exactly equal in size. This I think is a really smart move, because the two most used shades (the lighter ones) would otherwise get over relatively quicker than the darker shade.

But why is the center pan the smallest, you ask? Well, that's because it's a special shade. Bourjois call it a "Light Touch", and they say of it "Take a small amount on your finger and delicately tap on the inner side of your eye [sic] or your entire eyelid."

That's because the center shade is a glitter shade. That's right, folks! This quad is essentially a trio, plus an extra glitter shade. 

The shadow on the left is a semi-matte creamy-white shade.
The shadow on the right - one of my favorites - is a gorgeous warm purple-y taupe-y brown with a satin finish.
The shadow at the bottom is a satin dark neutral brown shade.
The glitter shade in the center is interesting. In the pan, it appears pink with multicolored sparkles in it, but when swatched (and on the eye) it's actually rather difficult to see the pink - it appears more off-white. The glitter particles are easily seen though, and are very multi-dimensional and beautiful. (My swatches most definitely do not do this shade justice, which is a pity).

You can see how lovely and pigmented the shades are! As always, my swatches are on bare skin. The quality is also excellent. These are some really pigmented shadows, and as much as I dislike using the word "creamy", that's what these are. They're soft, smooth, and creamy, and easily picked up by brushes. They apply smoothly, and blend easily. Best part? No fallout (I'm talking about the three shadow shades, of course). Over primer, they last 8 hours on me with some fading. After 8 hours, they can be seen, but the lighter shades look faded (the deeper shade not as much).

The glitter is also a gorgeous shade, but it's better suited for night. It's really gorgeous and shiny and multidimensional - I wish I was able to photograph just how beautiful it is, but here's a (hopefully) better picture of it:

See how lovely it is? Of course, you might want to use this with a glitter primer, or else risk fallout! And the sponge tip applicators are useful in applying the glitter, so don't throw them away (or do, I can't tell you what to do).

So, lots of good things to say... but I have a serious gripe with this palette, and that's placement. The glitter shade is smack dab in the middle of the other shades, and being glitter (and therefore prone to getting every-freakin'-where), it has a tendency to.. let's say 'visit' the other shades. The glitter gets into the other shades, and while most of it can be taken off by blowing on the palette, some remains. And of course, blowing on your palette all the time isn't something you want to do. For starters, it's unsanitary, and two, it's just annoying. I wish that the glitter shade was stored in a separate compartment!

Here's a look I came up with using this palette:

All in all - you're essentially getting a trio of shades - light, medium, dark - and a glitter shade. This essentially takes all the guesswork out of creating a look. Plus, the glitter gives you an option to really glam it up! The quality is definitely there, and it's really simple to use.

Still, the layout could have been better thought out, and this is where this quad falls flat. Should you get it? Well... I would say yes, if you can get around the downsides.

BGMM Rating: A-


  1. It looks so pretty on you! I've never given these shadows a go, I shall swatch them the next time I go to the mall!

    1. Aww, thank you! Yes, definitely give them a try! :)

    2. I did. Oh dear, these are good. So good.

  2. This happens to me all the time: I buy something, I love it, and then I totally forget to write about it! By the time I actually remember, the product looks so used already I just can't take pictures anymore...

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Haha I feel you! I'm quite anal about keeping my makeup as clean as possible, but despite that some things just get scuffed up! But that just means you really like the product though, right? :)

  3. The shadows look like they have a really nice texture and they're very pretty on you. I agree that the compact looks kind of cheap. Bourjois has some nicer packaging for other products so this one is a little disappointing.

    1. I totally agree about the packaging! It's rather disappointing. But the shadows are great! :)

  4. AnonymousMay 22, 2015

    Aaargh, its a pity we don't have easy access to Bourjois in the US.There are so many things from the brand that I really want to try!
    This looks so good on you, and I like how precise your application is. I'm a total klutz when it comes to eye shadows! :D