Friday, April 24, 2015

What's in my travel makeup bag?

I've been visiting my brother (along with my parents) for the week and that of course means packing stuff - something that I'm not very good at as I tend to panic and bring everything under a lot of "what if" scenarios ("I should take some laundry detergent, what if he runs out?" - really Aditi? You can't just buy some? GUH.)

This time I was determined to keep it simple - well, okay. I kinda-sorta had to keep it simple because I knew I was going to be hanging out with my parents for the most part and it didn't seem to make sense to take all the "essentials" because - let's face it - I'm not going to be using them for the most part!

I did want to take some things though, so that I could create a fresh, simple look, with the option to go a little bit more dramatic if I wanted to.

I use a Sephora bag that I got a while ago as a freebie. It's sturdy, I think it's cute, and it holds all my makeup and brushes easily without looking bulky and overstuffed.

One of the key things I tend to look at when I'm packing a travel kit is usefulness (i.e is this product being used by me daily?) and cost (what would happen if I lost everything in my bag?) So I always tend to keep a mixture of products that are 'higher end' but that I use everyday and a couple of 'lower end' products that I won't feel too badly about if I ended up misplacing them.

My skincare and hair care products I keep in a separate bag; I doubt I can everything into one bag, and even if I could, I want to keep them separate to minimize messes in case something spills.

I have several options for eyeliner and lip products since those are the ones I like to switch up on a regular basis. I have a single palette that has both eye and cheek products - I usually like the Lorac Pro To Go palette but I wanted to switch things up!

I always take my MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC42 wherever I go - it works as both a foundation and as a setting powder for my concealer, Plus it's also easy for me to throw into my handbag if I'm going out during the day for touch ups!

For brushes I have the ELF Powder Brush to apply foundation (I have so much love for this brush it's ridiculous, and I'll have to buy backups of this brush). I also have a Stippling Brush (this is an Ebay knockoff of the Real Techniques stippling brush - I bought this to do a comparison post, but the Real Techniques one totally broke down and shed everywhere after a single wash! This one's been going for some time now). I also have several mini EcoTools eye brushes that came in a kit - I have two blending brushes, a concealer brush and an eyeshadow brush. I use one of the blending brushes to set my concealer!

I have my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit that I'm currently testing out (spoiler: it's pretty awesome), my go-to Maybelline Brow Drama tinted brow gel in Deep Brown, my holy grail night lip balm, the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (that I spoke about here), and a mini sample of the Bare Minerals Prime Time eyelid primer that I'm trying to use up. It does a good job at priming my oily lids, but I have a cheaper option that works just as well so I'm not going to be repurchasing this.

As I mentioned before I like to give myself several eyeliner and lip options. I have the Bare Minerals Round The Clock eyeliner in 7pm, a deep brown that's perfect for everyday. I love the formula too, it's soft and creamy and glides on like butter. In addition I have some Avon Glimmersticks Chromes in Vivid Gray and Night Sky, which aren't my favorites but they do a good enough job. Finally I have the Soap and Glory Supercat liquid liner, in case I want to try winged liner.

For lip options I wanted to have an MLBB shade, a fun, bright option and a deeper, suitable-for-night shade. For my MLBB I chose the Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Creme in Loyal, which is perfect for me. I decided to go with NYX Black Label Lipstick in Hot Tamale as a fun pink-y coral shade, and the NYX Matte Lipstick in Merlot as the deep, berry pink shade suitable for a night out.

Combination eye and cheek palettes are a perfect way to have options and save space! I have the Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye and Cheek palette which was a limited edition palette. It comes with 6 eyeshadows in a variety of shades and finishes, as well as two blushes. Both the blushes look rather light when swatched, but on my cheeks they oxidize a little bit and deepen to give me a very fresh flush.

I really like my selections and I like that forcing myself to limit what I take with me makes me really think about what I should take, instead of just taking everything!

What do you take on vacation? Do you over pack, or keep it completely simple?


  1. I definitely over pack when it comes to vacation. I bring falsies to Disney World!

    1. Lol well someone has to give those Disney Princesses a run for their money!!