Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tarte Showstopper Palette Review

Every year Tarte comes out with a circular palette that's limited edition - last year it was the Rainforest After Dark palette (I think it's still available though) and there were several other before that. What makes these palettes so great is that they come with a full size blush, a bronzer, a highlighter and six eyeshadows - so this allows you to make a 'full face' using a single palette.

The palette costs $38, and this is actually a great deal because a full size Tarte blush is $26. So you're getting a bronzer and a highlight, plus six eyeshadows, for $12!

 The palette is housed in a golden compact, with a purple snake-skin kind of design on top. This is new, because most of their previous palettes were made of a brown hard plastic designed to look like wood. Of course, being metallic this has the downside of retaining fingerprints and smudges, but I personally much prefer the look of this palette compared to the ones before it (what can I say, I love shiny stuff!)

The inside has a good sized mirror - this is really, really useful, especially during travel! - and also has a plastic insert with the shadow names on it. I hate, hate HATE the fact that the names are not printed on the palette itself. It's SO ANNOYING when brands do this! Short of writing the names down on the palette yourself, the plastic insert is the only way you'll remember the names, which is frustrating because that flimsy piece of plastic is so easy to lose, amiright?

I won't lie - I really like the shades in this palette, and the color of the blush, too! The only gripe I have is that Tarte seems especially fond of including the same bronzer (Park Ave Princess) and highlighter (Champagne Pink) in most - actually, come to think of it, all - their circular palettes.

|| The bronzer || The bronzer is a medium warm-toned brown with slight orange undertones. That's all fine and good, but the bronzer in my opinion leans a little too orange for the paler skins (on whom it'll show up) and on deeper skins, on whom the orange-y tone would work, it's too light to show up. So it'll work on a limited range of skintones. I use the bronzer as a crease shade, and also to warm up my face (it shows up on my winter skintone, but I doubt it'll work in summer when I tan).

|| The highlighter || The highlighter is an almost metallic white shade with a pink tone to it. It is a shade that'll work on most skin tones, and also doubles as a inner corner highlight. It's a pretty standard shade that seems dupeable.

|| The blush || The blush, Fame, is a lovely bright warm-toned peachy coral blush. It's a matte blush and is quite pigmented, so it'll show up on all skins, although lighter skintones will need a light hand.

|| The eyeshadows || There are, as I mentioned before, six eyeshadows in the palette. They come in a variety of textures, but all of them are pigmented. They're all good neutral shades, but I think these are some great shades for brown skins too - especially if you want a no-makeup makeup look!

From left to right, the shadows are:

Showstopper Copper is a medium brown toned copper with a satin finish.
Go for the Gold is a light champagne gold with a metallic finish.
You're a Natural is a matte pink-y brown.
Steel the Scene is a shimmery purple-toned taupe.
Rose to the Top is a shimmery rose toned copper.
Dim the Lights is a matte deep brown with gold shimmer infused into it.

As always, all the swatches are over bare skin, with no primer, and are a single pass.

The eyeshadows are all smooth, pigmented and blendable. The shades all work well together, and they're all very suitable for a everyday wear, and it's easy to use the shades to take you from day to night. The packaging also makes it easy to travel with. Over primer, I get an easy 8 hours of wear.

The only con is that there aren't as many mattes as I'd like, but it's not really an issue for me since I use the bronzer as an eyeshadow as well. Between Park Ave Princess, You're a Natural and Dim the Lights, I have the mattes I need (Dim the Lights has gold flecks but those don't show up on the skin once blended).

I think this palette is great for everyday looks. I can glam it up and still look appropriate for the day, or I can keep it really simple, use only the two lighter matte shades for a no-makeup makeup look. Here's a look I did using only the palette (aside from the lipstick, of course).

I've worn Go for the Gold all over the lid, Park Ave Princess in the crease, Champagne Pink in the inner eye and Dim the Lights in the outer V. I also used Dim the Lights as a lingerI've also used Fame on my cheeks and Park Ave Princess on my temples and under my cheekbones.

I really, really like this palette (are you tired of hearing me say that yet) and I think it's a nice little palette that'll fit right in into everyone's collection!

BGMM Rating: A


  1. I need dis :D I love the eye look you've done it's gorgeous! I'm not in love with the highlighter shade though, I think the gold in the Rainforest palette was more flattering for most people.

    1. Thanks! :D

      I agree with you about the highlighter; not the most flattering, but it'll get the job done!

  2. the eyemakeup is on point in the last pic! love the makeup look!