Monday, April 6, 2015

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows Review (Limited Edition Spring 2015)

ColourPop is an up-and-coming, new-ish brand that only has an online presence. (Well, I'm not sure how new-ish they are, they've been up in the blogosphere for some time now). They're famous for their $5 eyeshadows and lipsticks (called 'Lippie Stix'). Their eyeshadows are unique in that they're a sort-of-but-not-really cream formula.

While I own several shades from the main line, they recently came out with a limited edition spring collection that had several pastel shades. I've don't have any pastel shades and these immediately caught my eye, so I got a few. I wanted to put this review up as soon as I could so that you could get your hands on them in time, if you like the look of them!

They are housed in a round, white plastic pot. It's easy to see the shades through the top, which helps when picking out the shades! The bottom has a sticker with the name of the shade on it, which is also helpful in differentiating between the shades.

As you can see, these are some gorgeous spring shades! The shadows have a pattern on the top that wears off after the first use. As previously mentioned, these are a very unique formula - they feel very creamy and smooth, but apply like a powder on the lids. It's worth noting that the best way to apply these is either by fingers, or with the use of a flat, synthetic shader brush. I've had better experience applying them with a finger, then using a synthetic buffing brush to blend them out. It's also worth noting that you need to make sure the lids are closed tight, because they will dry out if left open.

The shades I have are:
In A Pickle - this is a matte pink-y coral. It's a lovely lid shade!
Snapdragon - this is a matte pastel teal, mint-y green. It's such a pretty color, and looks so much nicer on the lid than it does in the pan, if that's possible.
Shop - this is matte, mid-tone orange-y coral. It works well in the crease to warm up other colors!
Daddy - this is a matte lavender violet. I really, really like the color, but I hate the name. I hate it. The name creeps me out, and I wavered for two days or so over picking up this shade because of the name. In the end I gave in only because I really liked the color. I'm glad, because the shade is really gorgeous, but the name is still so iffy. Sigh.

One thing to bear in mind is that the mattes are not true mattes, more like satin-mattes, if that makes sense.

These shadows are... really nice. I know there are a lot of sponsored reviews out there, and I was so skeptical when I picked these out at first, but they really are a solid formula. Once you apply them on the lid, there's a little bit of time to blend them out before they set. And once they set, they won't budge, even on my oily lids. (To be fair, I've only used them over a primer because I use a primer with all my eyeshadows).

These apply smoothly and blend out easily (as long as you do the blending before they set) and they last a good 8 hours on me with minimal fading.

The downside is the slight difficulty in application, because they really are best applied using your finger, and some people might not be entirely happy about that.

BGMM Rating: A


  1. I have snapdragon and love it! The texture is so nice and staying power is great!

    1. I was surprised at how pigmented they were given that they're pastels!

  2. I dear lord, I really to try these!! :(

    1. They really are pretty! I know they don't ship to India, but I'd be happy to help if you want! :)