Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ColourPop Lippie Stix Review (Limited Edition Spring 2015)

Continuing with the ColourPop reviews (I talked about the Super Shock shadows here), in addition to the limited edition eyeshadows released for Spring, they've also released some Lippie Stix.

I own several of the Lippie Stix from the original line (and a few that are limited edition from last year's holidays that I unfortunately did not review in time, which makes reviewing them now obsolete). In order to avoid making the same mistake, I decided to make reviewing these a priority, so that you could still get access to them if you wanted to!

Similar to the shadows, they come housed in a white plastic case. The inside, as you can see, corresponds with the color of the bullet. The bottom of the tube also corresponds with the color of the bullet, and also has the name printed on it. I like the packaging, it's simple and elegant. I also like the shape of the bullet, which makes application really easy.

The shades I have are:
Tootsie - this is a matte brown-mauve color with a hint of gray. It's a great MLBB shade for me.
Pepper - this is a matte white-based cool toned light pink. It's very reminiscent of a Nicki Minaj shade! I actually ordered this by accident - I meant to get Westie, but got confused. This is my least favorite of the lot.
Fern - this is a gorgeous purple, similar to MAC's Heroine. This is a cream formula.
Julep - this is an orange-y coral, bordering on neon. Like Fern, this is a cream formula.

These are all very pigmented, and are easy to work with. Pepper has the worst formula of the lot, but it's not terribly noticeable. The matte shades tend to drag a wee bit on the lips, but that's expected and isn't uncomfortable. The mattes tend to get a bit drying on the lips, but again, it isn't going to leave them feeling parched. It's best to exfoliate your lips before using the mattes as they will draw attention to the dry parts!

The cream formula is super comfortable and they glide on the lips with no issues at all. They are also more forgiving to dry lips, and they won't dry out your lips either. They have a hint of a glossy finish, but it settles into a semi-satin finish after an hour or so.

All shades wore well, lasting about 4 hours on me. However none of them lasted through a meal, and I found myself having to reapply. Julep and Fern left behind a stain (this was through mild snacking and drinking water) but Tootsie and Pepper did not. Of the four, I experienced uneven and patchy fading with Pepper, but the others faded evenly.

I'm happy with most of the shades I have, and I'm thinking of getting backups of Tootsie, as well as Westie next! Pepper was my least favorite, and also the shade that was least flattering on me. I'll have to make it work by using a lipliner under it, or layering a gloss on top, but it isn't completely unsalvageable!

BGMM Rating: Fern & Julep - A
                            Tootsie - A-
                            Pepper - B-


  1. I have Tootsi and I can't wait to do my review on it! I was looking at Julep but I was miffed it didn't have a matching wears so much lighter on your lips than in the swatch!

    1. I'm going to need a backup (or two!) of Tootsie, it's so pretty!

      I'm surprised at Julep too; I think it's because my lips are more pigmented than my arm, so it looks lighter on them.

  2. Tootsi is stunning..its the perfect nude shade! loving it!

    1. It's the best nude that I've come across! Definitely need backups!

  3. Tootsie looks like a perfect matte nude. I haven't tried the Lippie Stix yet, but I have a long list of shades I want, lol!

    1. I really like all the ones I have, but I am not a fan of their glossy formula :)