Monday, March 30, 2015

Mini Mondays - Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

Eye creams seem to be a very controversial topic, with opinions divided between "Yes, totally needed" and "No, just use your face moisturizer". Personally, I was all for the lazy girl routine (which just so happened to mean I used my moisturizer) but then of late I've been noticing my undereye area is drier than the rest of my face, which is really oily.

Ergo, my usual gel moisturizer wasn't cutting it.

I didn't want to rush out and throw my wallet at whatever I saw first... well, okay, maybe I did at first, but then sense prevailed (a rare occurrence I can tell you) and I dug through my sample stash and found the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream.

Which was an absolute coincidence, because I had been giving it some major side-eye. And so I began using it - keep in mind that despite how 'big' the tube appears in the pictures below, it's only the size of my little finger (read: quite small) and so I've been using it for a week and I'm going to run out in another week, probably.

The Origins Ginzing eye cream is a very light pink with what seem to be very, very fine shimmer particles. The cream itself isn't very thick - sort of in between a lotion and a cream, really - but feels really nice during application. It's got a mild cooling effect, which can be amplified if you store the cream in the fridge

The cream is supposed to brighten and depuff the eye area - I didn't notice any depuffing, but I don't have noticeable eye bags, so I can't really be the judge of whether or not it actually depuffs. The shimmer particles in the cream I presume were meant for the brightening purpose - it does seem to very mildly brighten my undereye area, but keep in mind I have terrible dark circles, so I knew from the start that this cream wouldn't completely ameliorate my dark circles. I did notice that due to its pinkish color, it seemed to make my skin look a little ashy at first, but once it was absorbed there was no ashy-ness.

I like that this cream makes my undereye area feel moisturized. It doesn't feel greasy after application, and it leaves me feeling hydrated. It also dries down to a very slightly tacky feeling, which works great under concealers. When I use this cream in conjunction with my corrector, I feel like the end result is a brighter, more awake-looking finish than when I use my corrector alone.

Summary: I really rather like this eye cream, and will definitely be purchasing the full size version when this runs out. I like that it isn't too heavy and overwhelming on my undereye area, and I like that it works well under makeup. 

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