Friday, March 20, 2015

Bare Minerals Pop Of Passion Lip Oil Balm Review

Bare Minerals is a brand that, if you've been following my blog for some time, has some of my favorite eyeshadows (the Ready formula is just so nice!). For Spring 2015 they've come out with a limited edition Pop Of Passion collection. The collection has 3 shades of cream blushes, and 8 shades of a new lip oil balm.

Lip oil balm? Color me intrigued.

My lips aren't terribly dry - yes, they do get dry if I don't apply lip balm, but they're not unmanageably dry. But still, the idea of a product that is supposed to deliver color (as a stain, say what?!) and moisture while being super comfortable on the lips... come on, you can't say it isn't interesting.

I ended up with Rose Passion and Punch Pop. The packaging is very pretty - the tubes are color-coordinated with the shades inside, and I like the cute floral print. The tube also feels sturdy, and the cap closes firmly, so no purse accidents foreseeable in the future.

Rose Passion is described as a "deep blush" while Punch Pop is a "vivid watermelon". Looking at the bullet, you'd expect something really pigmented. I did swatch these at Sephora before picking them up, and the first thing I noticed was the sheerness of the formula. It almost felt like jelly when I swatched it. They apply smoothly on the lips with no tugging. On the lips, they aren't opaque. They do offer a hint of a shine, but it's not a glossy finish.

As you can see from the swatches above, these are very translucent. The issue I had with these is that they look almost alike! When I swatched these in store I didn't have this problem, but when I wore them, they look exactly the same on my lips. This probably has to do with the fact that my lips are naturally very pigmented; if you have less pigmented lips, they'll appear as distinct colors.

However, they do leave a stain behind, which is impressive given how sheer they are. On the lips, the color seems to deepen slightly after thirty seconds or so. I'm not sure why, but they definitely appear a tad darker on my lips than they do in these swatches.

See? They look EXACTLY the same on me, but I like how they look very natural. The shiny finish wears off very quickly - in about an hour without any drinking or eating - and it leaves behind a stain, which lasts for another two hours before I really need to reapply. They are comfortable to wear, but here's the catch - they're not very moisturizing at all. When I wore these on normal lips, they felt fine, and my lips didn't dry out. When I wore these on dry, flaky lips, it didn't hydrate my lips, and the flakyness was still present when it wore off, albeit they were stained. Dry lips also seemed to cause the balm to stain the lips in a very patchy, unflattering fashion.

The other issue, one that drove me nuts, was that every time I swiveled the tube up to apply, and then swiveled it down to close the cap, the bullet would scrape against the tube, and get color on the outside of the tube, which looks unsightly, and smears everywhere on the outer packaging. I imagine it's because the formula of this is so soft and melt-y that it gets everywhere. It's easy enough to clean up, but it irks me that it even happens.

Most surprisingly of all, these aren't very "oil-balm" like. I'd say these are pretty similar in texture to the Maybelline Color Whispers. I really like those and I feel I prefer those. I haven't decided whether I'll return these or not; they're nice, but then again, they're not that nice.

BGMM Rating: B-

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