Friday, October 17, 2014

Milani Constellation Gel Eyeliner Review

For Fall 2014, Milani released their Bedazzled collection consisting of 3 matte lipsticks, 3 gel liners and 2 nail polishes, all limited edition.

I wasn't able to get this collection in store, but I managed to snag parts of the collection online from the Milani website.

Now, I like gel liners. They do well on me, despite my oily lids. I've tried several brands - Maybelline, L'Oreal, Tarte, Inglot, MAC and Makeup Geek - and all of them have been great on my eyes.

So, of course, I didn't doubt for a second these would perform any better. Plus, have you SEEN how pretty they are? I had to get them!

These liners come in three shades:
  • Enchanted Lapis
  • Enchanted Black Opal
  • Enchanted Emerald
The liners all come with brushes for application, which are surprisingly good quality. I really like the brushes and found it quite easy to apply the liner with them. There wasn't any noticeable scratchy feeling or discomfort.

The packaging is plastic and feels a little flimsy. It's also quite bulky - the size appears to be quite big, but the pan holding the actual liner is quite shallow (I pressed the brush into it to determine how far it went down, and it went about 3/4 of the brush tip in).

The liners look SO gorgeous - they have a lovely glittery, very galaxy-looking appearance. Unfortunately, the glitter is an overspray, which makes me sad. Give me galaxy gel liners! I'm actually debating whether or not to mix in some loose pigment to turn them into a glittery gel liner (I have several indie eyeshadow samples I think I can use for this purpose!).

Enchanted Lapis is a satin-y deep navy blue shade. The glitter overspray consists of purple, light blue, pink and silver shimmer.

Enchanted Black Opal is a satin-y black shade. The glitter overspray consists of gold, blue and red-pink shimmer.

Enchanted Emerald is a satin-y deep green shade; it basically looks like a green shade over a black base. The glitter overspray consists of blue, pink and gold shimmer.

I'm not sure if everyone will get the same pattern and shimmer in their liners, so your mileage may vary.

Onto the swatches!

The liners go on smooth, and they are very creamy. I tried swatching them twice - once with the glitter overspray, then again after digging the brush into the liner where there was no glitter. I don't think it made much of a difference - you can see from the swatches above that they all look the same.

Here's a better look at Enchanted Lapis. It's a gorgeous blue shade, but I couldn't detect any glitter, even when I used it for the first time and disrupted the overspray.

Enchanted Black Opal actually is sheer and requires two passes to appear black. Otherwise it looks like charcoal!
Here the shimmer is very pronounced - even after I cleaned the brush between the overspray use and the subsequent swatches, there is a healthy dose of shimmer. I've noticed the shimmer on my eyes, as well, and suspect it may have the shimmer loaded throughout? 

Enchanted Emerald appears a little on the gunmetal side in the swatches, but in real-life it looks green, with a pronounced black base. I'd really like a true green gel liner - most of the once I have seem to have the black base beneath the green shade. Recommendations welcome!

Here, too, I had the same issue as Enchanted Lapis - I couldn't detect the shimmer, I think it was because of the green.

Now, remember how I spoke about how gel liners have always worked on me? Good.

Recall how I said these were really smooth and creamy, and glided on with ease?

Remember how I told you these don't set? Uhh.. didn't I? Take a look for yourself then:

Yeaaaaah. So that happens.

That was taken after I had given a minute for the liners to set. They never set, they always seem to move and slide around on my eyes!

What's even stranger is that where I originally apply the liner (see the swatch lines above), the liner stains the skin black. Yeah. It comes off with soap and water, and makeup remover, but it looks so strange, with a smear all around your eyes, and a faint ring around your lashlines where you originally applied the liner.

These aren't totally a loss, though - they work decently as eyeshadow bases, and work as gel liners over eye primer (to be on the safe side, if you plan on using these as eyeshadow bases, use them over a primer!)

I find it surprising that something from Milani - which happens to be one of my favorite drugstore brands - is the first gel liner product to not work on me. It's quite disappointing!

Now, to be perfectly fair, there are people out there who have had success with these, so again, your experience may be vastly different from mine.

But I can't, in all good concience, recommend these to anyone. If you still want a galaxy liner, buy a black gel liner (Maybelline or L'Oreal make good ones!) and mix in lots of loose shimmer. It won't look as pretty, but it'll be better quality than these.

BGMM Rating: D


  1. Most of the reviews I read about this are lukewarm to downright frosty. So yeah, I'll pass, thanks for the review!

    1. You're welcome! I like the concept behind the liners but these ones were a formula fail for sure :)

  2. LOL, I still totally want Enchanted Lapis, just to look at :-P But yeah, I've seen quite a few reviews that make mention of the whole smeariness, which is a shame. Maybe Milani didn't want anyone to dent the pretty overspray at all... ;-)

    1. Hahaha that actually sounds more plausible!

  3. Thanks for the review, they look gorgeous! Too bad the quality is not on par.

    1. Yes, it's too bad they don't live up to the usual Milani standards!

  4. oh nice. looks really interesting :-)