Monday, October 13, 2014

First Impressions - Zoeva Brushes!

My Zoeva brushes came in! I placed an order about a week ago for some brushes, as there was a 20% discount code going around. I've been wanting to try these brushes for some time now, and I'll definitely be giving a more in-depth view later, but these are my immediate impressions!

I got the Classic Face Set, the Classic Eye Set, and a few extra eye brushes (the 222 All Over Shader, the 221 Luxe Soft Crease, the 234 Smokey Shader, the 227 Soft Definer, and the 228 Crease)

I placed the order a week ago. It was shipped the next day, and was delivered to me 5 days after shipping, which is very quick.

The shipping method used is DHL. I'm not sure how true this is, but apparently any shipment over $200 will have custom duties charged for it (I believe DHL will charge you $25, but I haven't faced that, since my order was less than that).

The box it arrived in was sturdy, and it was packaged with a good amount of bubble wrap. The brushes were wrapped very thickly with paper, and the entire lot was well protected. The single brushes had their own baggie, while the brush sets had the brushes in the bag, and the bag was placed in a polythene cover.

Everything was neat and organized, and I was quite impressed.

The brush set bags are surprisingly great quality! They are sturdy and well built, and I can see myself getting quite some use out of them. That was a nice bonus.

The Classic Face set has the following brushes:

  • 106 Powder Brush - this is a great sized brush, perfect for powder. It's super soft and dense, but not overly dense. The bristles are soft and not pokey. It's also a good size for my face - the RT powder brush is a bit too big for me, but this is great. I can see myself using it for not just powdering, but also for blending out blush.
  • 102 Silk Finish - this brush is actually denser than the powder brush. It's a nice foundation buffing brush, but I must admit I wasn't as impressed with it as I should have been. It very much resembles some brushes that I ordered from Amazon a while ago (from Royal Crown, I think). It's soft, and I'm sure will make a great buffing brush, but I have to use it to see just how good it is.
  • 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek - ugh, this brush you guys. SO SOFT. It's not dense, but not super floppy either. I think it's going to be a great brush to use with super pigmented blushes, but the angled end I want to try for contouring. It feels so lovely against my skin, so much better than the RT blush brush I have.
  • 122 Petit Stippling - a nice, sturdy brush. Soft, smooth, and the bristles aren't pokey either. I think this feels much better than the ELF stippling brush and the RT stippling brush (which had its bristles fall out after two washes, which pissed me off!)
  • 105 Luxe Highlight - one of my favorite brushes. It's so unbelievably soft, and is the perfect size for my cheekbones. So much better than the ELF Studio tapered brush. If you're going to be placing an order from them soon, be sure to pick this one up!
  • 142 Concealer Buffer - heeeeeey this looks familiar! Of course, it very much resembles my go-to concealer brush, the RT deluxe crease brush. It's much softer, though they're both of similar density. I have to try it to confirm, but I think this may have the RT one beat.

The brushes in the Classic Eye Set are:
  • 142 Concealer Buffer - same as the one in the Classic Face Set. Me likey.
  • 227 Luxe Soft Definer - this is supposed to be similar to the MAC 217 brush. I like that it's soft, dense but not overly so, and all the bristles feel the same. There's no rogue bristle going all "i'ma poke you!" on me.
  • 234 Luxe Smokey Shader - This looks similar to the MAC 239, but since I don't have the MAC brush, I can only speculate. Quality is similar to the 227.
  • 228 Crease - ridiculously soft, fits in my crease like a dream, zero scratchiness. Need I say anything more?
  • 224 Luxe Defined Crease - floppier than the 228, it looks like it's going to be perfect for adding tiny amounts of color to the crease.
  • 231 Petit Crease - smaller than the crease, so luxuriously soft. It looks like the perfect brush for the outer V.
  • 230 Luxe Pencil - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? The perfection of it is amazeballs. It's so soft, so so soft. I cannot wait to use it to apply shadow on the lower lashline, since I'm quite sensitive there.
  • 237 Detail Shader - a soft brush, not too firm. Going to be great for 'patting' on eyeshadow in very specific spots.
  • 226 Smudger - it's nice and soft, and the bristles aren't too firm or pokey. The edges of the bristles are also soft, I didn't feel like it was going to scratch me.
  • 322 Brow Line - a nice, firm but soft brush. It's less floppy than the RT brow brush, and it's also smaller. I think it's going to be great for really getting those precise brows, and I can't wait to test it out with my Anastasia Dipbrow!
  • 317 Wing Liner - soft. Sharply tapered. Not too firm, but not overly floppy. Please brush Gods, let this be the one to finally give my eyes some wings and fly.
  • 315 Fine Liner - similar to the ELF Studio liner brush, but much softer. I think I may need to get backups of this! The end is nice and tapered, but didn't poke my eye out.

The single brushes I got are mostly extras of the brushes already in the Classic Eye set:
  • 222 Luxe All Over Shader
  • 234 Luxe Smokey Shader
  • 221 Luxe Soft Crease
  • (2 x) 227 Luxe Soft Definer
  • (2 x) 228 Crease
The 222 Luxe All Over Shader is the big sister to the 234 Smokey Shader. It's a tad too big for my eye size, but it's a good brush if I want to use a single shadow over my lids. It's a nice, soft, dense and firm brush, and I think it'll be great for patting on color.

Some comparisons:

You can see that the 222 is a similar shape to the 234, but much bigger (about twice the size would be my estimation).
The 222 is also much denser than the 227 when you look at it from the front, but the size view truly shows the difference - the 222 is much more narrower, while the 227 looks a bit 'floofy' (a real term, of course). This helps the 227 serve as a blending brush too, while the 222 looks like it will be better at laying down color on the lid.

Some final thoughts - I noticed that some of the brushes had a strange, chemical-y scent to them. If you've ever bought brushes from Ebay/Amazon, you might be familiar with it. It's not as strong, but I definitely got a whiff of it. I'm pretty sure that it'll vanish once I wash them, but I wish I knew why it was there in the first place.

I'm pleased with the brushes I got, and I know there are some that I want to get backups of. I'm also curious to try out some of their other brushes too!


  1. They really are amazing, aren't they? The models love 'em!

    1. They're so soft! I thought my RT brushes were nice, but these are soooooooo smoooooth.


    I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, LOL! I do think, however, that a rogue really needs at least one of those funky angled eyeliner/surgical ones in her kit. Seems like it would be good at picking locks as well as applying eyeliner... :-)

    1. The winged liner brush and the brow brush are awesome! I'd also recommend the pencil brush - great for the lower lashline, especially if you have sensitive skin :)