Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Compare: Bare Minerals Ready Convertible Palette 2013 vs 2014

This is a comparison post, not a review post. Full review of the 2014 palette will be up soon!

For the holidays, Bare Minerals came out with a Ready Convertible Palette, similar to what they did last year. If you've been here for sometime, you know that the Ready formula is one of my favorite formulas, and so I had to get this year's palette. It's a really great value for money, as you get 12 shades for $39 (similar to last year). For reference, a Ready duo costs $20, and a Ready quad costs $30.

I wanted to do this comparison to let you guys know whether it was worth buying the 2014 palette if you have the 2013 version. Short version - yes! The shades are quite different, so it makes it worthwhile.

Let's get into it!

1. The palette exterior

Left: 2014 version, Right: 2013 version

The palettes are the same size, but the exterior has different designs. They're both made of the same sturdy plastic, and I think that they're really portable and travel-friendly.

The 2014 version has a striped design with gold lettering.

The 2013 version has a sort of snowflake-y, star-y design, with white lettering.

2. The palette interior

Left: 2014 version, Right: 2013 version

While there looks like some overlap between the two versions, I feel that the 2013 version has deeper shades while the 2014 version has lighter shades. I think the 2013 version is more neutral overall, and personally I feel that the 2013 version will look better on deeper skins. The 2014 version is less neutral, with that mustard color, the khaki, and the violets and burgundies. It's also a good palette is you're lighter skinned.

That being said, the 2013 version has more matte shades than the 2014 version, which I like.

The 2013 version is definitely what I would call a neutral palette with lots of browns and beiges, with a few pops of color.

The 2014 version is less neutral, and more color. It's got some nice olives and khaki shades, and some violets and purples. It also has fewer matte shades.

3. Swatches!

The 2013 version. Swatches go clockwise from the top left corner shade. You can clearly see the number of matte shades.

The 2014 version. Swatches go clockwise from the top left corner shade. It's less classically neutral, but still very work appropriate. Note that the shade after the mustard yellow doesn't show up clearly because it's the same shade as my skintone!

I really like the 2014 version and I think they have some great shades. It's still worth picking up the 2014 version if you already have the 2013 version, and if you don't have it, this is still a nice palette to have!

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  1. Hm. While I like the (apparent) overall cool-ness of the 2013 one, I'm really only jazzed by three shades (the purple, icy white and antique gold/taupe, or, shades 7-9 from the left in your swatch). The 2014 palette is warmer than I like, but I can't deny the fabulosity of shades 1, 3, 6, 8 and 12 in your swatch! (The shimmer/iridescent gold white, the gold/pink shimmer, the electric purple, the dark gold and the last green! :-D