Friday, September 5, 2014

MAC A Novel Romance Blushes Review

As the final part of the MAC A Novel Romance collection, I'm reviewing the blushes. I have both the blushes from the collection here for review. The shades are:
  • Animal Instincts
  • Fun Ending

 Now, if you've seen my preview, you know that my first impressions of the blushes was not the best. I thought that Animal Instincts was a little hard to work with, and did not pick up color easily, while I thought Fun Ending had a great texture. After using them for a while, I have a better idea of how they work, and how to work with them.

Animal Instincts, Fun Ending

Animal Instincts
 is a lovely muted plummy-mauve shade, with a slight sheen finish (there's no glitter or sparkle in it - it's just a soft sheen!). It's a very pretty shade, and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it (heh, a fitting sentiment for a collection titled 'A Novel Romance', yes?). At first, I had a hard time picking up color when I was swatching it, but when I used a slightly scratchy brush to 'swirl' around the surface, it became easier to pick up color. This did not give me any issues with application or blending, and wore for four and a half hours on me.

Fun Ending is a pretty, light, warm-toned pinky-peach blush with a satin finish. I was impressed with the texture when I was swatching it, but then I discovered, when using it, that it kicks up a lot of powder when you take a brush to the pan. The texture, though, was soft, and it applied smoothly and blended out easily. I expected it to be a lot lighter on my skin than it actually was; it seemed to darken a little bit once it was on the skin (in about ten minutes or so). This means that it's actually quite appropriate for deeper skins, since the color in the pan is lighter than how it appears on the cheeks. It also wore for four and a half hours on me.

Animal Instincts, Fun Ending
Here's how it looks on me:

Left: Fun Ending; Right: Animal Instincts

Overall, I'd recommend Animal Instincts for deeper skins, and Fun Ending for lighter skins. Don't be put off by the initial hard texture of Animal Instincts; once you get a little bit of the top layer off, it works fine. Fun Ending has a great texture, if a little on the softer side (which means fallout) so make sure to tap off your brush to get off any excess.

BGMM Rating: Animal Instincts - B+
                    Fun Ending - B+


  1. I love fun endings! Ugh! Need more blushesss

    1. Yes! You need more blushes because they're awesome :D

  2. I think Fun Ending looks really pretty on you! :-D I wonder if you could use Animal Instincts as a kind of a contour too?

    1. Hmmm, it's quite plummy, so I don't think it would work well as a contour? Maybe used along with a contour color it might work really well - I have to try and see!