Monday, September 22, 2014

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette Review

Everyone know about the infamous Urban Decay Naked palettes. Everyone also knows about their infamous price. Everyone wants to own these palettes, but not everyone can afford to buy them.

Ergo: Houston, we have a problem.

Or do we?

A while ago, Coastal Scents came out with a 'dupe' for the Naked palettes. While the Urban Decay palettes have 12 shadows each, the Revealed palette has 20 shades. The Revealed palette is supposed to be a dupe for the Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes, but of course, not all the shades are copied between the two (it's a numbers game; N1 + N2 have 24 shades while the Revealed has 20).

What is important, though, is the price point. The Naked palettes each go for $54. But the Revealed palette retails for $19.99 (and is often found on sale!)

Still, no point in having a cheap dupe if the quality isn't there, right? So how does the Revealed palette do?

The palette is made of cardboard. It isn't terribly sturdy, so while it won't withstand a fall, it will survive travel (provided it's packed adequately). Looking at the shades, it's clear that there's some overlap with the Naked palettes. Still, excluding the fact that it's supposed to dupe the Urban Decay palettes, it still looks like a rather nice neutral palette.

Since the shades have no names, I'll be labelling them numerically.

The palette is a nice mix of cool toned and warm toned shades. It also has a mix of mattes, shimmers and metallic shades.

Top row

Shade 1 is a matte cream shade. It's rather chalky, but performs better over primer.
Shade 2 is a matte light pink-y peach. Again, it's a little chalky but works better when a primer is used.
Shade 3 is a shimmery, almost frosty light pink. It's very nicely pigmented.
Shade 4 is a matte medium cool-toned brown. It has decent pigmentation.
Shade 5 is a matte cool-toned plummy brown. It has good pigmentation, and is a lovely shade!

Shade 6 is a metallic pink with purple undertones. It's very pigmented.
Shade 7 is a matte neutral brown. This makes a really nice transition shade for deeper skintones.
Shade 8 is a true, warm-toned, bright metallic gold. It has very good pigmentation.
Shade 9 is a shimmery warm-toned light taupe. Again, it has good pigmentation.
Shade 10 is a metallic silver tinged with a hint of blue. It has very good pigmentation.

Bottom row

Shade 11 is a shimmery, almost metallic warm-toned bronze with good pigmentation.
Shade 12 is a shimmery deeper bronze with a hint of khaki. It has good pigmentation.
Shade 13 is a metallic taupe grey with lovely pigmentation.
Shade 14 is a shimmery khaki. It has good pigmentation.
Shade 15 is a shimmery rose shade with a hint of brown. The pigmentation, again, was good.

Shade 16 is a shimmery neutral taupe brown with good pigmentation.
Shade 17 is a metallic peach gold with wonderful pigmentation.
Shade 18 is a shimmery, cool-toned deep brown. Again, the pigmentation was good.
Shade 19 is a metallic, cool-toned gunmetal grey, with lovely pigmentation.
Shade 20 is a matte black. It was a little chalky, but performed decently over primer.

Swatches of the top row

Swatches of the bottom row
Phew! With the swatches out of the way, let's talk about quality, pigmentation and performance.

These have surprisingly good quality. They feel smooth, and soft to the touch - not quite 'buttery' territory, but good enough for me to classify them as (almost) creamy. They don't feel gritty, and while they do have some fallout, if you tap the excess shadow off your brush, and use a patting motion (as opposed to swiping the shadow onto the lids) it goes a long way in minimizing it. If you're still worried about fallout, do your eyes before the rest of the face, so that cleanup will be easier!

Pigmentation actually isn't bad. The shimmery and metallic shades are much more pigmented than the matte shades. All my swatches are NOT over primer - so you can clearly see how the pigmentation is! (They're also single swipes; only the mattes had two swipes each). The mattes are a little chalky, but do better over primer. The shimmery shades are nice, and don't veer into frost territory.

Performance is also good. Over primer, they last a good 8 hours on me, with some fading. So, yes, they won't last 'all night', but they do last a typical workday, which is good enough for a lot of people. Application and blending are quite easy, and don't require excessive effort.

Finally - how do these stack up to the Urban Decay Naked palettes? Well, for starters they're not exact dupes. I also think the Naked palettes are a little more pigmented, and blend easier. Their shimmery shades seem to have a little finer shimmer.

But, you know, given the enormous price difference, the differences are minor.

To sum it up - they really are a very good, very viable, very economical option to the Naked palettes. They're definitely worth picking up (especially when they're on sale!).

BGMM Rating: A


  1. Ooo, I may look into getting this! :o Loved the swatches!

    1. They really are great, I'm quite surprised at how nice they are! P.S you should wait till they have a 50% sale and pick up both Revealed 1 and 2!! :D

  2. I like the variety they've put into this palette! I like my Naked 2, and we don't get Coastal Scents here (although our equivalent Chi Chi is said to have some decent dupes), but it's nice to know that there are affordable alternatives to some of the 'HG' stuff on the market.

    1. It's a great alternative for sure! :)