Thursday, August 14, 2014

While travelling, always check-in at the Duty Free...

I'm back home! Yes, as of last night, my India vacation is officially over. It's a very bittersweet feeling, because it was super hard to leave my parents, but on the other hand, seven weeks without el hubby was frustrating!

I had a stop over in Frankfurt, where I immediately navigated towards the Duty Free. I didn't buy anything because it seemed quite expensive, but I did have a good time looking around!

Givenchy! I was trying to exclude the people standing behind the counter, so I ended up with a good amount of floor :/
Why are there so many people standing around?

I managed to capture this people-free photo right as two women finished up their purchases.

Origins skincare. Their products were more expensive here than in the US (much like most of the brands, actually)

L'Oreal products were so. frikkin. expensive. WHYYYYY.

Sisley and Helena Rubinstein. I drooled over this counter A LOT.

What do you think of Duty Free shopping? Have you ever shopped makeup at Duty Free?


  1. Europe is very expensive yaar..when i was in swiss even products from maybelline and loreal were costing min of 20+ swiss francs which was 1000 at that time! of course i had no idea about makeup and their prices at that time..thank goodness for that or else i would have end up spending fortune on them!

    1. I know! I was so amazed! No idea why they mark up so much!