Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tarina Tarantino Jewel Eyeshadow Palette - Diamond Dusk

I had meant to review this palette before I went on vacation, but it totally slipped my mind! To remedy that, without further ado I shall jump right this post :)

This palette was a limited edition palette initially brought out for Holiday 2011, but it's still available on the Tarina Tarantino website. Along with the Violet Storm palette, it formed part of the Aurora collection.

As always, I enjoy the quality of Tarina Tarantino eyeshadows. She makes some of the best shimmer and frost shadows I've used, and her mattes are nice, too. These shadows are very soft, very buttery, highly pigmented, and best of all, easy to blend.

The Diamond Dusk palette has some interesting shades; the shades themselves are in the neutral territory, however, the choice of colors that make up the palette is what makes it so interesting.

The packaging itself is different from her non-limited edition palettes in that it is made of a pink-grey metal, as opposed to the grey gunmetal of the regular line palettes. The 'jewel' on the top of the palette also is different - it has a design similar to that of the Violet Storm palette, with an icicle-pattern. The palette is sturdy, and will travel well (having been tried and tested!).

The packaging houses five shadows in a mix of warm and cool tones. There's a good amount of product in the pan, and I like the fact that the design of the palette ensures that there is no unnecessary extra packaging used.

As I mentioned before, this is an interesting palette. You have some warmer, neutral shades with some classic smokey eye colors - grey, silver and black. At first glance, one would be forgiven for thinking the palette is composed of a hotch-potch of shades, with no thought behind them - as I did - however, once you start experimenting, it becomes clear that there's a reason these shades were chosen. You can really get some interesting looks out of them, whether using them alone, or with each other.

Shadow #1 is a shimmery, almost metallic medium cool dark grey-silver. What makes this color so interesting is that it has hints of blue and brown in the color, which definitely add more dimension to the shade.
Shadow #2 is a satiny warm coral-pink. It's not the color I'd have chosen to include in what amounts to a smokey eye palette, but when paired with shade #1 or #5, it lends a beautiful, interesting twist to a smokey eye.
Shadow #3 is another interesting shade - a shimmery, near-frosty lavender-grey with a little bit of a silver sheen to it. It makes a lovely inner eye highlight.
Shadow #4 is a frosty pinky-white shade with a golden sheen. I wouldn't call it a duochrome, and it's not a very unique shades, as I've come across this shade (or variants of it) in other Tarina palettes.
Shadow #5 is a matte black with gold and blue-green microglitter in it. Unlike other glitter shades, the glitter does show up when you use it, and the shadow itself isn't chalky.

All the shadows are of excellent quality, on par with the other Tarina Tarantino shadows. They apply smoothly, and are highly pigmented, whether or not you use a primer underneath (I always use a primer, though). They are very soft, and very silky, and blend out with minimal effort.

I'm sad that there isn't a true matte in this palette. I really feel as though a matte brown, or any other transition color would have been very useful. While the black glitter shade is technically matte, and while the glitter particles can be buffed away, it doesn't really work.  You'll definitely need to reinforce this palette with something else to get a complete multi-shadow look. For a single shadow look, shadow #1, #2 and #3 look very nice on their own. Shadow #2 as a matter of fact makes for a lovely spring/summer eye look.

I'd say this palette is more on par with the other Tarina Tarantino palettes than Violet Storm was. While the color selection might seem a little odd, they do make you think of different combinations, and in that I think this palette is a winner.

Wear time is a solid 8 hours with primer, with some fading around the 8 hour mark (this is without any sort of eye-touching - wear time will be reduced if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes!). There's also minimal fallout, so be sure to tap any excess shadow off your brush before you apply. The black glitter shade (#5) also has more fallout than the others, because of the glitter in it, but it's nothing unmanageable.

I'd say this is probably the most interesting palette in the line, and most of the shadows in this palette are quite unique.

BGMM Rating: A-


  1. The pigmentation is ridiculous!

    1. It is! Crazy pigmented. I wish she did more mattes, though :/

  2. I love your TT reviews! I'm so curious about the company (especially for the eyeliners, but pretty much everything), and I don't see the stuff reviewed a lot! ;-) I like the compact for this, and colours #1 and #5, but I think the rest might be too pale for me - I mean, I'm already approximately the colour of #3, so it might be a bit of a waste, LOL ;-)

    1. D'awww thank you! *blush*

      I've been wanting to try the liners, too! They're supposed to be on par with the Urban Decay ones! :D