Monday, August 25, 2014

bareMinerals READY blush review

You ever come across a brand, are unimpressed by it's offerings, then you see something from the brand that others have raved about, decide to try it, fall in love with it, and then decide to try something else from the same brand, only this time around you aren't as impressed?

Welcome to my dealings with bareMinerals.

bareMinerals are actually a well-known mineral makeup brand. This means most of their makeup is available as loose powder. I say 'most' because they do have some pressed versions (and a liquid foundation out earlier this year, but that's another matter).

If you've been following me for a while, you know that the bareMinerals READY eyeshadow formula is one of my favorites (see reviews here and here). It only seemed natural for me to try out other products under the READY (i.e, pressed) formulation.

To wrap up my views in a nutshell - these are nice, but not without hiccups.

The packaging is made of a black, rubber-like material, very similar to NARS.. As you can see, despite me handling them with care, they pick up fingerprints. And dust. I'm fairly sure if you dropped these into Game of Thrones, they'd be able to pick up the Iron Throne just as easily.

They are, however, sturdy, and if you drop them onto carpet, they won't break/shatter (not that I talk from personal experience or anything...). This also means they're good to travel with.

bareMinerals READY blushes in The Thrill, The One, The Turn On.

The READY blushes, I've noticed, have a very love-lust-romance theme going on. For example, there's 'The Aphrodisiac', ' The Tease', 'The Indecent Proposal', and so on. I'm not sure if it's because the folks over at bareMinerals associate blushing with naughty activities, but I can assure them I blush because I'm embarrassed (shoutout to Mr. D., the only teacher who managed to turn me into a beetroot!) The shades I have are:

  • The Thrill
  • The One
  • The Turn On
(FYI, if you're in a committed relationship, or are married, and try to get your SO to wear 'The One' with you, it's not going to work. Just a heads up.)

I'm a little miffed because the pan size does not reflect the packaging size. Why is there so much waste of packaging? And why are the pan sizes like this? It's so hard to get a blush brush into them! *grumble*. But yes, the pan size does make it a little difficult to get your blush brush in (I use the Real Techniques blush brush, and an It Cosmetics blush brush, and it was difficult to maneuver both into the pan). In a way, the pan size makes it very difficult to overload your brush with the product, which is good, but since the product itself isn't highly pigmented (more on that later), this makes it a bad thing.

bareMinerals READY blush in The Thrill

The Thrill is a warm-toned peachy, apricot-y blush with a hint of pink. This is a satin blush, with no shimmer or glitter in it. It's a lovely shade, and reminds me a little of Illamasqua's Lover blush. It's a great blush for fair skins, but deeper skins can layer and build up the color. Very deep skins might want to skip this.

bareMinerals READY blush in The One

The One is a dusty rose pink blush with neutral tones, leaning slightly warm. This is a satin blush, but has a slight sheen to it (no shimmer or glitter though!). It's a great everyday blush for a lot of people. It does have to be built up though, as it isn't quite as pigmented as I'd like it to be. It's a little stiff, and not very easy to blend out.

bareMinerals READY blush in The Turn On

The Turn On is a bubblegum-y blue-toned fuchsia pink. This is a matte blush, and has no shimmer in it.This is the cool-toned blush among the three, and is also the most pigmented. Despite it being cool, it can be worn by a lot of people. It reminds me of NARS Mata Hari, but the formula isn't as stiff to me.

Let's talk shop, shall we? So, these blushes have the same READY formula as the shadows, but they feel quite different. They are soft powders, and are smooth and silky to the touch, but for whatever reason, it's difficult to apply them from the pan to your face. As you can see from the swatches, they're not very pigmented, which is both a good and a bad thing - it's good if you're fair, as you can't overdo the blush, but for deeper skins, building up the color is needed. Speaking of blending, these do require some amount of effort in buffing out - I think it's because my oily skin adhered to the blush, thus taking more energy in blending it out.

That being said, they are still a lovely formula, and I do like the colors, and I have been reaching for them. I like how it gives me a very natural flush (look at the blended swatches!). I don't mind building up the color, as I find it gives me more control over how much I apply.

It lasts for about four and a half hours on me, after which my oily skin seems to swallow it up, which isn't uncommon.

Overall, a good, above-average blush that does have its issues, but nevertheless, a good buy.

BGMM Rating: B


  1. LOL! What, you mean your SO wasn't game for a bit of blush? I totally agree on the packaging thing - I mean, it looks cute and all, but when you see the inside and how (comparatively) small the blush is, it kind of makes you think less of the product before you've even swatched it...

    I like The One the best, I think. I don't really have a medium peach in my collection yet...

    1. He flat out refused! I was sad at the missed opportunity :(

      I think you mean The Thrill? The One is more rose-colored... if you're looking for a medium peach, you should check out Illamasqua's Lover, it's one of my favorite blushes ever :)