Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Great Blogger Makeup Exchange!

A while ago I was chatting with Shrutilaya about the general lack of product availability in India, and I mentioned how clueless I was about Indian makeup products in general. Since I was flying down, we came up with the idea of doing a makeup exchange - my favorite drugstore products for hers! 
When her package arrived I was so excited! The best part about it was that it introduced me to products that a) I was clueless about, and b) I would regularly not have picked up for myself. 

She really did an amazing job with her package - everything was so beautifully and meticulously packaged that I was quite ashamed of my lack of artistic ability! Without further ado, let's jump right into it, shall we?

The packaging was so pretty, I (almost) didn't have the heart to unwrap it! And I tried to be careful while opening it - it lasted all of 30 seconds :P

She also sent the nicest letter. It looks so elegant and very scroll-like, doesn't it?

I freaking LOVE eyeliner, and I love teal. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous color and I'm probably going to pick up a few other shades from this line!

I had mentioned that I was looking to revamp my skincare routine, and she sent me this. OH. MY. GOD. I cannot tell you how long I've been looking for a good AHA product! This is amazing, and I'm definitely going to stock up before I return. I haven't started using it yet because it leaves you photosensitive, and I'm out in the sun during the day so much I don't have time to reapply sunscreen, which is a must when you're using any AHA product.

Hi, I'm Aditi and I'm a face mask addict... and this is such a great addition to my collection (I haven't used it yet, but it smells lovely!)

The nice thing about these mud packs is that you can customize them. You can add water, rose water, milk, honey... there are quite a few things you can add to these to make them work for you! And neem and tulsi are awesome skincare ingredients. So excited to try this one out!

I jumped and squealed when I saw this! You have no idea how long I've been wanting to try the Bourjois CC cream. It's got such a smooth and silky consistency...I haven't even used it properly yet and I'm already in love with it!

I was pleasantly surprised by these (although I shouldn't have been - Shrutilaya has excellent taste!). They remind me of a cross between MAC lipsticks and the Milani lipsticks. Creamy, comfortable to wear, and matte. Toffee Nexus is a great everyday shade - a very wearable nude - while Mulberry Work is a plummy shade that's also great for a no-fuss look.

Max Factor Cream Blush! I've heard good things about this, but it's a brand not available in the States - so I'm downright pleased to have this one! First impressions are very favorable - doesn't feel oily, looks very pretty and very natural, blends without fuss...I can see this becoming a fast favorite!

The whole shebang. Not pictured is the box of homemade chocolates she so thoughtfully provided, because it was immediately opened, pounced upon, and devoured (there's no other word for the chocolate massacre that occurred!)

I'm so excited by everything and I can't wait to properly test them out! Shrutilaya picked out some winners (which isn't surprising, really - remember that great taste I mentioned?) and I can easily see quite a few of them becoming staples. I'm also very likely going to be getting backups of some of them, particularly the skin care products!

Thanks, Shrutilaya! You've made me one happy camper :D

If you'd like to see her side of the exchange, head on over here!


  1. YAAAY! I'm so happy you liked everything! I feel so ashamed for not taking pictures of all the cute little notes!

    This has been one very fun exchange though :) I'm really glad you liked this stuff :D

    1. I was so sad at having to open the packages, they were so neatly wrapped! Mine pales in comparison :P

      It has been! I'm so excited, I can't wait to use them all :D

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2014

    What an exciting, interesting post! :-D I love watching swaps on YouTube, so it was awesome to see one on a blog I like to read! I also love seeing what's available in other places too, so this was like the perfect post for me. Going to check out the other side now!

    1. Awww, shucks *blush* thanks for the kind words! I'm definitely having fun here checking out all the stuff available here :D