Sunday, July 20, 2014

Read My Lips - A.K.A what pout-related products do I travel with?

When I first started packing for my vacation to India, it really wasn't that difficult - overall. I knew I wouldn't be wearing a lot of makeup, so I eliminated most base-related products, and I wouldn't have time to do elaborate eye looks, so that eliminated most eye products.

What I did have time for, however, was the lips. I needed to (a) keep it simple, and (b) cover all my bases. Not so difficult, right?

Ummm... nope. For one thing, I have what looks like a gazillion lipsticks, in varying finishes, and it became a huge deal to pick the right one (whatever that meant).

Finally, I ended up settling for one from each color family - pink, coral, red, and berry. I also decided that I would sacrifice long-lastingness for moisturization (apparently my subconscious knew I'd be struggling with chapped lips, somehow). And since I hate the whole 'I'm-wearing-lipstick-now-ooops-now-I'm-not' look, I selected shades that were on the sheerer side so that they wouldn't look too bad when they faded away to oblivion.

So, what'd I end up picking?

Representing the corals, we have the NYC CityProof Twistable Intense Lipcolor in Canal St. Coral. This is an orange-coral that is semi-opaque on the lips, but the color can be built up. It has become my one of my favorites, because it's a lovely color. I have been wearing this every time I go out because it brightens up my face without looking too over-the-top. There are some glitches in the formula, though. It's not as moisturizing as I'd like it to be, unfortunately.It also has a tendency to emphasize rough/dry areas of the lip, so I have to prep my lips before I use it - which adds extra time to a routine I want to keep fuss-free. Still, it's worth checking out because it's a nice color!

From the pinks (and pinky-mauves) it's the Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy and the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in #08. The Clinique Chubby Stick is a sheer, yellow-toned medium pink that's a wee bit light for me, but in a good way (if that makes sense?). It's very forgiving, and very moisturizing, so I reach for it more often than not when I have chapped lips, but want to add a little something something to the way I look. Subtle, sweet, and, uh... so-right? 
The Rimmel #08 is a great MLBB for me, and is fairly long lasting too. It's a medium warm-toned pinky-mauve with no brown in it. I usually apply it opaquely, then blot it down to leave a stain, for extra staying power. It isn't super moisturizing, but doesn't dry out my lips, and what's more, it does tend to be a little forgiving of dry lips, especially if you apply a lipbalm over it.

Over on the side, from la familia of reds, let me introduce you to Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in #01 and the Lipstick Queen lipstick in Medieval. First off, I'm going to let you run to the nearest store/e-store and buy all the Lipstick Queens, because dang it, this is a wonderous lipstick. It looks scary red in the tube, but it's so sheer - so sheer that when I first got it, I mocked it for being so, well, sheer. BUT THEN IT HAPPENED. I applied it on my lips, and dang it all, I was amazed. It somehow made my lips look juicy and classy and... miraculous, without looking like I had applied lipstick. It's magic, you guys. It really is. I have hella pigmented lips, and it works for me... I'm willing to bet it works for you, too. This has fast become my favorite lipstick ever, and I'm definitely going to make sure I repurchase this when I run out!
The Rimmel #01 is a bright, blue-toned classic red which applies with complete opacity. I've never had the lady-ovaries to wear it out in all its glory, so I usually wear it way toned down as a sheer stain. Like the #01, it's not terribly moisturizing, but doesn't cause my lips to flake, or leave me with ring-around-the-lips syndrome. It does require a little more prep work than the #01, however, and if you plan to wear it totally opaque, it's a good idea to use a lip liner under it.

To round up the posse, we have the lone berry shade (which, if I'm honest, isn't really a berry) - meet the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry. Ummm, can I just say I love this color and if this color were a person I would probably be BFF's with it, and let it be my rock of support on a daily basis, because you know I'm not going to be travelling anywhere without it. *nods head wisely* Sultry is a dusky rose-brown shade with berry tones to it (which explains why I can't really call it a true berry). It's a great shade, one of those 'Pick-this-if-you're-in-a-pinch' shades. It goes with most looks, can be worn opaque or blotted down, is comfortable to wear (even if it isn't moisturizing) and suits my brown skin like butter suits toast. It isn't an MLBB for me, but it does make me feel all grown-up and put-together no matter what.

In the above swatches, the NYC lipcolor, Clinique and Lipstick Queen have been
swatched multiple times, while the rest have been swatched once.

What do you think of my choices? Am I missing anything? What would you take with you on travel? Comment below and let me know!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Travel haircare - my major must haves!

I don't fuss too much with my hair, but in general I have pretty... uhh, moody hair. It's mostly straight and fine, and I have a lot of it - plus it's quite long. Oh, and the kicker - I have hella oily hair. I kid you not. If I wash my hair, I can only enjoy it for that day - the next day and you could fry samosas on my head (not really, but you get the picture, yes?).

The problem is this - I'm quite lazy when it comes to my hair. I like my hair just fine, but I don't have the time (hahahaha okay, this isn't always true) or the inclination (this is mostly true) to do fancy things to/with my hair. But I still want nice hair, so what I always lug around when I travel are:

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave In Conditioning Cream - I have a bit of a secret here - my go-to product is the Dove Style+Care Frizz-Free Shine Hair Cream, but I couldn't find it at the store so I settled for this. It's pretty good; keeps my hair moisturized and mostly frizz free, making it less prone to tangling and generally being all icky. It also leaves my hair looking healthy. Still, I do prefer the Dove, but this is also worth a try.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - when I discovered dry shampoo, the heavens parted, angels strummed their harps and burst out in glorious song. So yes, it's that good. It's the best way to keep my oily hair from looking, well, oily, and extends the time I can go between washing my hair. Since I have really oily hair, I spray it on at night, and brush it out the next morning. It doesn't leave a white cast on my hair, and doesn't produce weird flakes. It also helps to give my hair some texture, so styling it is easier (i.e I can do one of those fancier 'braid-and-ponytail' combos without looking like it's stuck to my scalp). I love this so much that I will cut anyone who tries to take it from me (said the blogger, whispering 'My Precious' to the can lovingly over and over).

I haven't included shampoo and conditioner here because I just use whatever's available - I'm not too picky about that!

What's your haircare routine like? Do you use a lot of products, or do you keep it simple? Comment below and let me know!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Urban Decay x Pulp Fiction Collection

Fans of Pulp Fiction, rejoice! Urban Decay is coming out with a limited edition collection styled after the cult classic movie.

From Urban Decay's Twitter: "We're diehard Pulp Fiction fans! That's why we created this limited-edition PULP FICTION lineup. Coming 7.16.14."

Word on the street has it that it will include a blood-red Revolution lipstick, nail polish, and lip pencil, as well as  a Heavy Metal Glitter eyeliner in Gunmetal, and of course, a Pulp Fiction palette with five shades of eyeshadows.

The collection launches on July 16th online on the Urban Decay website.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

MAC Marge Simpson Collection First Look!

Back in May I first mentioned the MAC x Marge Simpson collection for Fall 2014 - well, here's the first look!

The collection will be pre-released for one day only at Comic Con (at the MAC Cosmetics store in the Gaslamps District) on July 26th. For those of us unable to make it there, the collection will be released officially online on August 28th and in-stores on September 4th.

The collection is said to include nail stickers, eyeshadows, lipglasses and lashes.

Credit for the image and release dates go to Hollywood Reporter who have more information about this collection!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Currently on the lust list #2

Image credit: Tarte, YSL, Givenchy from, Lorac from

I have a lust list a mile long, but since it's my birthday month, it's all right to dream big, amiright?

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette - Ummm, yes please! I love these palettes that Tarte comes out with (they're usually all limited edition) and it's such a good deal. You get a blush (unique and limited edition to the palette), a bronzer, highlighter, and six shadows. After the whole Amazonian Clay shebang, Tarte is now riding the Colored Clay train - but I'm fairly sure this won't affect the Tarte quality.

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush - I've been dying to get my hands on one of these ever since they came out! I'm a huge sucker for multitasking products, and I love the packaging on those. The formula has been raved about, so who knows, this might be the month I indulge myself!

Givenchy Le Rouge - Givenchy came out with a whole bunch of new shades for 2014 that everyone's raving about. I've always been put off by the price tag on these - let's face it, if someone's going to charge so much for a lipstick, it better come with its own private butler (who resembles Adam Levine, please!) to apply it for you. Given that Adam Levine is nowhere around these lipsticks, but a whole bunch of beauty bloggers are, I might have to finally check for myself if there's something to all the raves.

Lorac Pro 2 Palette - I have, and love, the first palette, It only follows that I get the second one - to complete the set... right? Right? Jokes aside, there's a reason why Lorac shadows are some of my favorite, and if the raves are anything to go by, the Pro 2 has lived up to the precedent set by its older sister.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Great Blogger Makeup Exchange!

A while ago I was chatting with Shrutilaya about the general lack of product availability in India, and I mentioned how clueless I was about Indian makeup products in general. Since I was flying down, we came up with the idea of doing a makeup exchange - my favorite drugstore products for hers! 
When her package arrived I was so excited! The best part about it was that it introduced me to products that a) I was clueless about, and b) I would regularly not have picked up for myself. 

She really did an amazing job with her package - everything was so beautifully and meticulously packaged that I was quite ashamed of my lack of artistic ability! Without further ado, let's jump right into it, shall we?

The packaging was so pretty, I (almost) didn't have the heart to unwrap it! And I tried to be careful while opening it - it lasted all of 30 seconds :P

She also sent the nicest letter. It looks so elegant and very scroll-like, doesn't it?

I freaking LOVE eyeliner, and I love teal. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous color and I'm probably going to pick up a few other shades from this line!

I had mentioned that I was looking to revamp my skincare routine, and she sent me this. OH. MY. GOD. I cannot tell you how long I've been looking for a good AHA product! This is amazing, and I'm definitely going to stock up before I return. I haven't started using it yet because it leaves you photosensitive, and I'm out in the sun during the day so much I don't have time to reapply sunscreen, which is a must when you're using any AHA product.

Hi, I'm Aditi and I'm a face mask addict... and this is such a great addition to my collection (I haven't used it yet, but it smells lovely!)

The nice thing about these mud packs is that you can customize them. You can add water, rose water, milk, honey... there are quite a few things you can add to these to make them work for you! And neem and tulsi are awesome skincare ingredients. So excited to try this one out!

I jumped and squealed when I saw this! You have no idea how long I've been wanting to try the Bourjois CC cream. It's got such a smooth and silky consistency...I haven't even used it properly yet and I'm already in love with it!

I was pleasantly surprised by these (although I shouldn't have been - Shrutilaya has excellent taste!). They remind me of a cross between MAC lipsticks and the Milani lipsticks. Creamy, comfortable to wear, and matte. Toffee Nexus is a great everyday shade - a very wearable nude - while Mulberry Work is a plummy shade that's also great for a no-fuss look.

Max Factor Cream Blush! I've heard good things about this, but it's a brand not available in the States - so I'm downright pleased to have this one! First impressions are very favorable - doesn't feel oily, looks very pretty and very natural, blends without fuss...I can see this becoming a fast favorite!

The whole shebang. Not pictured is the box of homemade chocolates she so thoughtfully provided, because it was immediately opened, pounced upon, and devoured (there's no other word for the chocolate massacre that occurred!)

I'm so excited by everything and I can't wait to properly test them out! Shrutilaya picked out some winners (which isn't surprising, really - remember that great taste I mentioned?) and I can easily see quite a few of them becoming staples. I'm also very likely going to be getting backups of some of them, particularly the skin care products!

Thanks, Shrutilaya! You've made me one happy camper :D

If you'd like to see her side of the exchange, head on over here!