Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekly Favorites #12

ELF Studio Tinted Moisturizer in Almond - this is a lightweight, medium pigmented tinted moisturizer that doesn't make me oily, which I like. It also feels quite light on me, and is perfect for days I want light, easy coverage. The only issue is that it's a smidge too dark for me (I've been religious with the sunscreen, and haven't tanned as I usually do) so I do need to mix in some lighter foundation to match me (I need to get a white base or something!). Still for the price tag ($3!) it's pretty great!

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Flamingo Pose -I can't say enough good things about the Milani Color Statement line. Intensely pigmented, long wearing, they leave a stain behind as it wears off. It's also comfortable to wear - doesn't dry out your lips, but doesn't moisturize them either. Flamingo Pose is a highly pigmented, bright coral pink that's almost in the watermelon range. Such a summery shade! I love these, and plan on getting more - a LOT more.

ELF Hydrating Under Eye Primer - My undereye area tends to be dry, and as a result it takes a bit of work to make my concealer go on smoothly. This primer hydrates and preps the undereye area, and does make my concealer go on more smoothly. It doesn't cause the concealer to sheer out, but doesn't prolong the wear time of the concealer. It's a nice way to provide some moisture for the undereye - it's not super creamy, or oily, but gives you enough hydration to make further makeup application easier.

Jordana Lip Out Loud Lipgloss in BFF - Jordana has some hidden gems, for being such an affordable brand, and these are one of them. These lipglosses are some of the nicer formulas I've tried - light, non sticky, and quite pigmented. They last as long as a typical lipgloss does, so reapplication is required. Best part? They cost all of $2.

Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Amaretto - I reviewed these here and I cannot begin to tell you my love for these. So soft, so creamy, so buttery, so pigmented... I could go on and on. Amaretto is the perfect taupe-y bronze-y brown shade to sport on your lids when you want to wear a bright lip color (especially Flamingo Pose!). Can't say enough about these shadows.


  1. Hear a lot about the Jouer eyeshadows on YT..and just saw the swatches! love parfait and amaretto!..both are to die for! wish I cud get my hands on these

    1. Same! They aren't being sold anywhere with international shipping. darn it!

    2. They're truly some lovely shadows. I know some online retailers have them - I've seen them on Maybe that works? :)