Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Milani Limited Edition Baked Bronzer - Sunset and Sienna - Review

Milani has to be one of my favorite drugstore companies. Now, most drugstore companies are hit and miss; but Milani is one of those rare cases where there are more hits than misses! I have quite a few of their products, and love each and every one of them - in some cases I prefer their products to other high-end products I own.

I wanted to get this post up as soon as I could because for once I seem to be on top of new releases! And given that this is a limited edition product, I'm hoping this comes in time to be of help to some of you.

For summer 2014, Milani has released two limited edition Baked Bronzers. Now, what makes this so special, you ask, given that they already have baked bronzers out in the market? Well, these are matte. That's right, these are matte baked bronzers, and if you're familiar with Milani, you'll know that they do mattes very, very well. If you've been looking for a drugstore matte bronzer, well, look no further!

The packaging is fairly standard; a plastic compact with a clear top. The gold 'trim' will wear away over time. Nevertheless, it's fairly sturdy, if a little bulky. The packaging has the bronzer in the top compartment (as seen on the bronzer on the right), and this flips up to reveal a mirror and a brush. The mirror is very hand, despite it being a little small. It will help with applications on the go. The brush isn't good at all, very stiff and scratchy. It's also not dense enough to pick up and distribute product evenly. It's best to use your own brush with this (a firm, dense yet soft brush will help with application and blending).

The two shades that are there in the collection are:
- Sunset (07)
- Sienna (08)

What is strange is that Sunset, despite being a number lower than Sienna, is actually darker than Sienna. Sienna is the bronzer for those with lighter skins, while Sunset is the bronzer for deeper skins - but more on that later.

Sunset is a matte deep warm brown. This does have warm undertones to it. The powder is finely milled, so fine that it produces some fallout when you swirl a blush in it. Nevertheless, it is very pigmented, and a little goes a long way. The formula is amazing; it is soft and creamy, applies smoothly, and blends wonderfully. It's a great way for deeper shades to add some 'bronzer' to their face, without the shimmer and glitter. I've been using this almost daily ever since I got it, and I'm actually considering getting backups!

Sienna is a medium warm matte brown. Now, this is the lighter shade of the two, and is the exact shade of my skintone (for reference, I'm NC42). I haven't been able to use this as a bronzer, but I have been using it as a sort of setting powder, and it's wonderful at that. It has all the wonderful features of Sunset - smooth, creamy, highly pigmented, applies smoothly and blends easily. If you're NC40 and below, this would be a great bronzer for you. Deeper skins may not be able to use this as a bronzer, unfortunately.

The swatches above may seem like they're a little patchy, but I assure you when you apply them to your face there's no such thing. Wear time is great - they last 5 hours on me on plain, moisturized skin. They have no scent to them.

If you're looking for matte bronzers at a drugstore price, I cannot recommend these highly enough. These are some of the better bronzers I've come across!

If you can't find them at the drugstore, they're available at the Milani website.

BGMM Rating: A


  1. RATS! More American stuff I can never own! :(

    1. You make me want to buy too many things, woman!

    2. You know you want to! :P