Monday, June 2, 2014

MAC A Fantasy Of Flowers Mineralize Blush Review

This review is long overdue because this collection came out a while ago (in February, if I'm not mistaken). I actually wasn't able to get anything from the collection when it was released, but a while ago a friend gifted me a couple of pieces from the collection, which was so awesome!

The packaging is your standard MAC black plastic with a clear lid. It's fairly sturdy, and will be able to withstand travel. The clear lid does help you pick out the shade you want. All in all, the packaging isn't something special.

Petal Power is a warm orangey coral with golden sheen and some gold shimmer, in the same lines as NARS Orgasm. It's a gorgeous blush shade with a slightly frosted finish. The shimmer does have a slight tendency to emphasize pores, but it's not going to turn them into the "I'm a moon crater on the face!" kind. The golden sheen might be a tad much for daytime - it all depends on what you like! I've worn this during the day with minimal self consiousness (we'll peg it at a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being total self mortification).

On paler girls, this will be a great blush. It'll definitely add the color and the glow you're looking for. If you're deeper skinned and NARS Orgasm was a bust for you, try this one! It's what I wanted Orgasm to be, really, if I'm being honest. Wear it under a matte pink or a matte peach blush if you want an added glow, or wear it alone for a slightly subdued look. I think it's a great pick for spring and summer, because something about the color and the sheen just screams out 'look at me, I'm so healthy I'm glowing!'

The swatches don't do the blush much justice. It doesn't look like much, but when applied, it just... transforms into something pretty magical.

Application was very easy; the blush is smooth and quite finely milled. It's not very powdery, and does blend out easily without disappearing. On me it wears for a nice 5 hours with some fading, but if you have dry or normal skin, it'll be longer. It's also quite pigmented, so if you're on the lighter side, you might want to use a light hand during application.

A lot of the MAC Mineralize blushes tend to have too much shimmer in them, which isn't attractive to a lot of people (myself included). This one, however, is an exception. It's really worth picking up if you have the chance to.

This has to be one of my favorite Mineralize blushes (the other being Warm Soul). It sucks that this is limited edition and I so wish MAC would add this to their permanent line, because it is such a stellar blush!

BGMM Rating: A


  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2014

    LOVE your closeups of the blush dome! So pretty and multichrome...

    1. Goodness, thank you! I've been trying to improve my photography skills, and it's nice to have some validation that it's paying off :)

  2. Holy shit, this is gorgeous!
    I'm broke and I blame it on all your enabling!